Witch on the Holy Night Trailer Introduces Soujyuro Sizuki

    The game's second protagonist.

    Type-Moon released a new character trailer for Witch on the Holy Night focusing on the game’s second protagonist, Soujyuro Sizuki.

    UPDATE – 12/7/2022: Type-Moon released the English trailer featuring Soujyuro Sizuki, one of the main characters in Witch on the Holy Night.

    Here’s an overview of Witch on the Holy Night via Type-Moon:


    Type-Moon, known for the wildly popular mobile game “Fate/Grand Order” and the epic visual novel “Tsukihime,” is releasing a remaster of the 2012 hit “Witch on the Holy Night,” on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Experience a coming of age story set in the vibrant, bustling 1980s, which follows an innocent young man and two young “witches.” Updates added since the original release include long-awaited fully voiced characters as well as visuals remastered in full HD, bringing the experience to life with unparalleled quality and fidelity. Masterful manipulation of visual elements imbues combat scenes with nail-biting tension, but also breathes life into the characters’ everyday activities. Animated graphical elements bring an entirely new level of depth to the reading experience as well!


    In the mansion on the hill, there lived two witches…

    It is the late 1980s—the twilight of an era of beauty and vigor.
    A boy moves to the city, barely missing two witches living in modern times.

    The boy leads a completely ordinary life.
    She carries herself with gallant pride.
    The girl lives a sleepy, hidden life.

    Each walks a starlit path.
    One would never expect their paths to cross.
    The story of how these three disparate people came together is soon to be told.

    Witch on the Holy Night” returns 10 years after its original 2012 release, further refined with fully voiced characters and a full HD visual remaster.

    Japanese Trailer

    English Trailer

    Witch on the Holy Night is available now for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 worldwide.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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