Pikmin Inspired Platformer Togges Is Out Today

    Learn to "stackform" in this new 3D collect-a-thon.

    Today publisher Thunderful and Brazillian developer Regular Studio announced that puzzle-platformer Togges is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The companies also refer to the game as a “stackformer” on account of its unique puzzle twist on classic collect-a-thon 3D platfomers. Togges is Regular Studio’s first game. The amount of visual polish here is especially impressive for a debut title from a team consisting of just two brothers.

    Here’s a bit about the game from Thunderful:

    About Togges
    • In Togges, you play as Toomba, a robot vacuum cleaner who is able to place and stack colorful living cubes known as “Togge”. Together, you explore vibrant worlds packed with puzzles and surprises. Your cube-stacking – or stackforming – skills can be used to reach new areas, find new abilities, overcome challenges and, ultimately, dominate (and save!) the universe. Visit seven gorgeously crafted planets and immerse yourself in unimaginable settings with stunning vistas. Explore a futuristic city in the savannah, a whole realm made of carrot cake and get entangled in funny tales, all while making friends around the cosmos.
    • Taking notes from great classics like Katamari Damacy, Pikmin and Super Mario Galaxy while delivering a unique “stackforming” mechanic, Togges feels both invigoratingly new and comfortingly familiar. Enjoy dozens of hours of content by discovering its memorable world and characters across seven huge sandbox levels and close to 30 bonus levels.
    • Togges is our tribute to the giants of the 3D platformer genre and we know fans like us are going to love it,” said game director Lucas Bonatti. “We’ve taken the charming worlds, fun puzzles and collectibles of those titles and given it our own twist with our unique “stackforming” mechanic. I can’t wait for people to start exploring today on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.”

    While Katamari Damacy, Pikmin, and Super Mario Galaxy are directly referenced as influences, the robot vacuum cleaner hero also calls to mind Nintendo’s Chibi-Robo series. Togges was in development for almost five years, and it shows. Its gorgeous blend of Wii-U-esque materials, smooth models, and rendering techniques like ray-tracing on platforms that support it make for a delightful aesthetic.

    Togges is available today for $19.99 / €19.99 / £16.99. Stackforming across Togges‘ 7+ main levels should take players around 15-20 hours to finish, or around 25 hours for full completion.

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