Towa Tsugai releases February 16, 2023 in Japan

    Protect your partner and fight.

    “Couple-raising battle fantasy RPG” Towa Tsugai launches February 16, 2023 for Android and iOS in Japan, and pre-registration is available now. A release of Towa Tsugai outside of Japan was not announced.

    Here’s an overview of Towa Tsugai via Gematsu:

    In a world that has begun to be eroded by the “Black Sea,” unusual creatures known as “Magical Beasts” suddenly appeared from its waters, the best of them known as “Witches of Calamity.”
    “Special Calamity Countermeasures Headquarters CAGE,” an organization created by the people to stand against the Magical Beasts, sends girls called “Birds” to fight on the frontlines.
    Formidable foes. An organization that continues to fight. Broken bodies and minds.
    Yet, the girls resist.
    Form a pair of “Birds” called a “Couple.” Protect your partner, look out for them, and fight alongside them.
    Raise your favorite Couple and fight against the powerful witches that attack you one after the other.
    Key Features
    • Your Bond with Your Partner is the Key to Victory – Battles unfold by utilizing cooperative attacks and summons that can be equipped one per Couple. By deepening a Couple’s bonds and strengthening their abilities, you will be able to listen to intimate conversations between them.
    • A Main Story with Beautiful Graphics – Experience the Birds’ story, fully voiced by a wonderful cast.
    • Active Time Battle System – The battle system is fully equipped with an Auto Mode that allows you to attack enemies automatically. Even users who are not good at games can enjoy Towa Tsugai with ease.
    • Original Work and Worldview: Nao Hokumoto (ILCA) (SINoALICEThe Idolmaster: Starlit Season, etc.)
    • Music: Keiichi Okabe, Shotaro Seo (MONACA)
    • Original Charcter Design: Yukisame
    • Marketing Partnership: Animate
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    Lastly, check out the new trailer:

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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