Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters details Characters, Limitless Dungeon, and more

    Meet Maho, Anri, Higurashi, and the rest of the crew.

    Idea Factory revealed new details about Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters including various characters, Heartfelt Photo Mode, Limitless Dungeon, and much more.

    The latest details are available below via Idea Factory:

    Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters Characters

    A cheerful, carefree child of the modern age, Maho is never seen without her smartphone in hand. Anri found her collapsed in an abandoned Planeptune suburb while fleeing the calamity on the PC continent. A skilled software developer, Maho has been working with Anri to create observation equipment to discover the source of the Trendi Outbreaks.
    A mathematically minded software engineer from the PC Continent, Anri is calm, collected, and always informed. After fleeing the calamity that took her home, she took refuge in Planeptune with the other survivors. Anri acts as friend and guardian to Maho, ever worrying over her carefree companion. Together they’re investigating the cause of the Trendi Outbreaks.
    Grey Sister
    A mysterious, unknown Goddess. She seals Nepgear and the other Candidates inside of a sleep chamber in a hidden research facility, from which they were not uncovered for several years.
    A warm and friendly girl from the PC Continent. Higurashi is on a mission to scour Planeptune for each and every bit of cute. Declaring “Oh, so cute!” she will try to claim them all for herself, be they plushie or person.
    Shanghai Alice
    A refreshingly frank and down-to-earth girl from PC Continent. Shanghai Alice is kind to everyone, but never grants anyone special treatment. Her visit to Nepgear’s nation was ruined by the destruction of the PC Continent and the Trendi Outbreaks that followed. She lives frugally and earns her living day-to-day.


    Heartfelt Photo Mode
    Neptunia Sisters vs Sisters photo mode
    Take heartwarming photos with the characters! Choose your favorite angle, pose, and backgrounds to create hilarious and heartfelt moments!
    Take on powerful opponents in consecutive battles to advance your rank in the arena! Challenge your limits and acquire various items as you rise through the ranks.
    Neptunia Sisters vs Sisters - Arena
    The arena is comprised of ranks ranging from F to S, each containing levels within them. Complete a 3-round battle to progress to the next level. When you reach the highest level in a given rank, a promotion battle will occur. By winning these promotion battles, users will gain access to the next rank, where stronger enemies await. As you advance in rank, you will be rewarded with items and equipment that will be useful in your adventures.
    Limitless Dungeon: Neptral Tower
    Strive to scale the Neptral Tower, the greatest challenge of all! By conquering dungeons full of strong enemies, you can obtain massive amounts of experience and powerful equipment!
    Neptunia Sisters vs Sisters - Limitless DungeonA powerful foe awaits you on every 10th floor, and the only way forward is to step right over their perished bodies. Not all is grim news, however, in addition to the boss, you may just find a place to lay your weary head. Safe areas are also located on these floors.

    Lastly, Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters releases in early 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam in the west.

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