Arc System Works announces Two Jong Cell!! for PS4

    Play mahjong with beautiful girls.

    Arc System Works announced Two Jong Cell!!, a new “drama/beautiful girls mahjong” game releasing November 24 for PlayStation 4 in Japan.

    Japanese is the only supported language for Two Jong Cell!!. Arc System Works will hold a commemorative launch live stream soon, and more details will be announced through the company’s official channels.

    Here’s an overview of the new title via Gematsu:

    Two Jong Cell!! is a mahjong game in which players can impose their own rules during a match, allowing you to use supernatural powers that will take even mahjong enthusiasts by surprise, and offering an experience that not only seasoned players can enjoy, but also casual players who are attracted by flashier, more anime-esque matches.
    The setting of the story is Minegami Academy, a school where mahjong is popular among students. The player takes on the role of a transfer student who will interact with the six heroines they meet there. From there, form a tag team with your favorite heroine and aim to become the top mahjong player at the academy.
    In addition to its offline mode, there is also an online battle mode featuring two-versus-two matches in which you team up with a heroine, as well as four-player matches in which each player has a special skill, allowing you to enjoy flashy mahjong matches like never before.
    Utilize Tricks and Skills to Win
    Two new elements have been added to the rules to enable even deeper mahjong matches.
    The first new element is “Kizuna Tricks.” This is a cooperative technique with your partner that can be used by spending dedicated points. For example, you can exchange one of your own tiles for a partner’s tile.
    Two Jong Cell!!
    Two Jong Cell!!
    The second new element is “Extreme Skills.” Each partner’s skills are gradually unlocked during a match. These skills affect the rules of mahjong itself, allowing you to achieve agari (a winning hand) in ways normally impossible. For example, it is possible for a “naki suuankou” to be treated as a “menzen,” even if called.
    Two Jong Cell!!
    Two Jong Cell!!
    Even Hotter Online Battles
    The real thrill of Two Jong Cell!! is its online battles. Team up with your favorite heroine for two-versus-two matches, or participate in four-player matches to enjoy mahjong to its fullest.
    In four-player matches, each player has a special skill, allowing you to enjoy exciting matches with flashy scenes like a mahjong anime in which tenbou (point sticks) fly about every which way.
    Two Jong Cell!!
    Two Jong Cell!!
    Launch Live Stream Planed
    A special broadcast by a mahjong Virtual YouTube is planned to celebrate the game’s launch. Details will be announced via the official website and Arc System Works official Twitter account at a later date.
    Two Jong Cell!!
    Heroine Characters
    • Haru Ichinose (voiced by Kaori Maeda)
    • Karen Virgin Volts (voiced by Ami Koshimizu)
    • Misuto Hisame (voiced by Kana Ueda)
    • Sazanka Rikugien (voiced by Rika Tachibana)
    • Ranra Banbara (voiced by Chiyo Tomaru)
    • Zekko Minegami (voiced by Shiori Izawa)
    Announcement Trailer

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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