Japanese action roguelike Shinonome announced for PC

    Early access expected to last two to four months.

    Japanese studio WODAN announced action roguelike Shinonome launches November 11 for PC via Steam Early Access.

    WODAN is led by veteran game designers Kenichi Iwao and Tatsuya Yoshikawa. The developers worked at major studios such as Capcom, DeNA, Nintendo, and Square Enix. WODAN will take feedback from players to develop and improve the game leading into its full release. Shinonome’s early access period is expected to last two to four months, but the developers may extend it further based on feedback.

    Here’s an overview of the game via Steam:

    Shinonome” is a roguelike game based around the concept of a haunted house from the Japanese Edo period.
    The main character, Yono, in a novice Onyo student. Her main goal is to escape the haunted house alive by escaping from and exorcising the ayakashi (monsters and vengeful spirits).
    You don’t need action techniques to do this; you need to observe the clues left by the ayakashi, like trails and sounds, and using them to formulate strategies.
    Shinonome” is a new type of escape game, wherein you use your courage and mind to overcome challenges.
    Japanese Horror
    Enjoy a unique and terrifying experience as you explore the old Japanese house, which combines rustic beauty with darkness.
    Diverse Ways to Play
    Draw them in and trap them. Set up a trick and run. Draw in their natural enemies…There are countless ways to take care of the ayakashi.
    This game finds its true beginning when you discover your own way to work through it.
    Highly Replayable
    Overcome to finely detailed haunted house in “Harae”. Escape from a randomly generated haunted house as you work to preserve your tools and food to survive in “Misogi”. Explore the endless dungeons and towers taking short breaks at stores and kitchens inside them in “Gyou”. Each of the games three modes will keep you coming back for more.

    Lastly, check out the announcement trailer:

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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