Tower of Fantasy version 2.0 and Steam version are available now

    Steam players embark on an upgraded open-world RPG adventure.

    Level Infinite and Hotta Studio announced open-world RPG Tower of Fantasy version 2.0 is available now alongside the new PC (Steam) version.

    Here’s an overview via the official Steam page:

    Version 2.0 “Vera” is now available!
    Play now to venture into the unknown and forge your cyberpunk destiny together!
    1. New Map: Vera
    The dangerous Land of Sand where the Grayspace Entities, Abyssants, and the charming cyberpunk city, Mirroria, are waiting for your exploration.
    2. New Simulacrum/Matrix: Ruby is here
    The all-new Ruby (Flame, Attack) is here, accompanied by Spark, the powerful weapon to take on a new adventure with us. Unlock the limited Matrix: Ruby to experience the unique mastery mechanism for the offense and defense.
    3. New Story “Land of Sand”
    The unsolved puzzles hidden behind Ruby’s cheerful and innocent face, the link between the machinery puppet’s rebellion and mysterious Abyssant…Conspiracies beneath the sands are to be uncovered.
    4. New Challenges & Level Cap
    The all-new instances, Joint Operation: The End Game and Joint Operation: Sadness Valley, are now available. The level’s cap is increased to 80. Become an even stronger Executor using the new unlocked combat engine.
    5. New Events & Rewards: Claim red nucleus for free
    Log in to participate in the Vera Supply Run event, Mirroria Tour, and more. Claim red nucleus, premium equipment, and stylish extrinsic rewards!
    In Tower of Fantasy, dwindling resources and a lack of energy have forced mankind to leave earth and migrate to Aida, a lush and habitable alien world. There, they observed the comet Mara and discovered an unknown but powerful energy called “Omnium” contained in it. They built the Omnium Tower to capture Mara, but due to the influence of Omnium radiation, a catastrophic disaster occurred on their new homeworld.
    Immersive Open-World
    Experience a vast alien world full of beautiful open vistas and imposing futuristic structures.
    Unique Characters
    Wield the unique weapons of each character that grant different gameplay styles as you explore their compelling backstories.
    Grow and Explore Together
    Party up with friends online and take on new adventures in the shared open world.
    Epic Combat
    Engage in epic battles against enemies of all shapes and sizes as you switch weapons and gameplay styles on the fly to unlock your own personal fighting style.
    Explore and Interact
    Explore and interact with a vibrant living world as you discover your own journey through it.

    Lastly, a Steam FAQ for Tower of Fantasy is live here.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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