Little Noah: Scion of Paradise second major update and DLC 2 are available now

    The Witch's Trials brings a new challenge.

    Cygames released the second major update for Little Noah: Scion of Paradise alongside DLC 2, which features an Uma Musume: Pretty Derby collaboration avatar.

    The second major update adds a new mode to Little Noah: Scion of Paradise, The Witch’s Trials. After clearing the game, players may take on a gauntlet battle against powerful foes in The Witch’s Trials.

    The latest details are available below via Cygames:

    Addition of Witch’s Trials
    The Witch’s Trials, a gauntlet battle against powerful foes, will become available after clearing the game. Begin the trials by entering through the portal on the left side of the airship.
    Each of the trials will have a battle phase and shop phase. You will begin each battle with a set amount of gold, which will change depending on each trial’s results. Use the gold to buy items for the next trial and battle your way to victory!
    The trials will also be timed—challenge yourself and see how fast you can sweep through your foes!
    An Endurance Trial mode will also be available. In this mode, the items available in the shop will remain the same after each battle. Additionally, Noah’s stats will stay the same regardless of any airship repairs, and statues and avatars will be unequipped.
    These conditions will not change throughout the trial, so players will be able to compete with others to finish it in the shortest amount of time. Other trial modes will also be available.
    Little Noah Scion of Paradise update
    Little Noah Scion of Paradise update
    Title Screen DLC Link
    A link to purchase the DLC will be added to the title screen.
    Little Noah Scion of Paradise update
    HARD Mode Toggle
    The option to toggle between modes will be accessible from the airship.
    Little Noah Scion of Paradise update
    Lilliput Adjustments
    Adjustments will be made to some Lilliputs.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the HP recovery display for HARD difficulty
    • Resolved an issue where the incorrect reset dialogue was displaying after Noah got knocked out in a specific battle
    • Adjusted movements when descending from platforms
    • Fixed an issue where attack and dash commands were canceled if Noah drank a potion
    • Disabled vibration for the DualShock Controller in the Steam version
    Little Noah: Scion of Paradise DLC 2 Contents
    • Avatar x2:
      • Ruler of the Racetrack Noah (Umamusume:
        Pretty Derby tie-in)
      • Sub Zero Knight Noah
    • Lilliput x3:
      • Quickshot
      • Oceane
      • Hanzo
    • Accessory x5:
      • Meteorite Emblem
      • Blizzard Emblem
      • Electroshock Emblem
      • Treacherous Gloves
      • Swift Combat Boots

    Lastly, Little Noah: Scion of Paradise is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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