Marvelous and indie Game incubator reveal six indie titles coming to TGS 2022

    Playable at the TGS 2022 show floor.

    Tokyo Game Show 2022 is approaching, and indie Game incubator is set to exhibit six indie games at the show in partnership with Marvelous.

    indie Game incubator will feature playable demos for 34EVERLAST, CALME, Hell Hell, Rainbow Sea, Sonokuni, and Rustil: Eternal Labyrinth Castle. Additionally, iGi participates as a judge in “SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT (SOWN)”, a digital event for indie games. The showcase will be held on September 16th and will be broadcasted live as an official TGS program.

    Here’s the upcoming lineup of indie titles at TGS 2022 via iGi:

    Second Edition iGi Selected Titles (In alphabetic order)
    ■ Kanata Lab – “34EVERLAST”, “34EVERLAST” is an action packed bite size entertainment morsel for busy working adults featuring one gameplay loop playable in 10 minutes minimum and no Game Over. this. A touching love story unfolds in a multidimensional universe.

    indie Game incubator - 34EVERLAST

    ■ DOUKUTSU PENGUIN CLUB (Ex. NONOHARA WORKS)- “CALME” “CALME” is a 3D action adventure game set in CALME, a town on top of a cliff. In a world with a culture of ‘cloud sea hunting’ where people dive into the cloud sea below to hunt, the player will face strange creatures that live there. *Previously known as “NONOHARA WORKS”.

    indie Game incubator - CALME

    ■ MONORYLLIS- “Hell Hell”, A multiplayer cooperative action stealth game combining ‘tag’ and ‘hide-and-seek’ elements. Set in a delightful space world inspired by the Japanese underworld where up to 4 players must work together to find keys hidden in the stage and escape within the time limit.

    indie Game incubator - Hell Hell

    ■Shirokurohitsuji – “Rainbow Sea” , “Rainbow Sea” is a Japanese pixel art adventure game in which the story branches out in many ways depending on the lies that can be chosen from the options available. The player spends an unsettling year as Human, a candidate chosen to be a god, while nurturing relationships with the Seven Lucky Gods.

    ■ DON YASA CREW – “SONOKUNI”, “Sonokuni” is a hardcore fast-paced action game. In a world of bio-science fiction and Japanese mythology, manipulate time and space to protect your dying country from the forces of a superpower. Find the optimal route out of a loop of violence. Just one hit will kill you, so run as fast as you can. This experience is truly hip-hop as you strive to find any other solution than violence.

    The team selected for the Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration
    ■Shinden Games(Kobe Institute of Computing)- “Rustil: Eternal Labyrinth Castle” “Rustil: Eternal Labyrinth Castle” is an exhilarating Roguelike game where the player must conquer a labyrinth castle with skills, magic and items. Rusty, the main character, will face the challenge of the mysterious labyrinth that suddenly appeared 50 years ago. Catch monsters, fight together, and collect various treasures! *Previously known as ”Eternal Labyrinth”.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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