Idea Factory announces 8 Switch games at Otomate Party 2022

    Idea Factory announced six new otome visual novels and two ports for Nintendo Switch at the Otomate Party 2022 event.

    The latest details from Idea Factory are available below via Gematsu:

    Brand-new Otomate games for Switch

    Shuuen no Virche -EpiC:lycoris-

    Alice in the Country of Spades: Wonderful Black World
    • Genre: Romance visual novel in a hail of bullets
    • Keywords: Part two of the two-part Alice in the Country of Spades
    • Tagline: A mysterious country in a hail of bullets. How long do you think you will want to go home?
    • Outline: A sequel to the 2021-released Alice in the Country of Spades: Wonderful White World.
    • Official Twitter: @spadealice_info

    Temirana Koku no Tsuiteruhime to Tsuitenaikishidan
    • Genre: Otome romance visual novel
    • Keywords: Planned and supervised by Ayumi Takagi, illustrated by Nitaka, and main scenario written by Uta Amemiya
    • Tagline: A story that changes the fates of a cursed (lucky) princess and her novice knights.
    • Outline: Set in a country where one’s life is determined by the month they are born, a story will unfold between the third princess, who possesses “extreme luck,” and her ill-fated knights.
    • Official Website:
    • Official Twitter: @tsuitsuiotomate

    9 R.I.P.
    • Genre: Strange and ridiculous love story
    • Keywords: Directed by Afumi, character design and original pictures by Yuuya
    • Tagline: The more monstrous one is, the lovelier—a story for women who want to be pursued in various ways
    • Outline: A slightly strange omnibus romance visual novel that unfolds in various “other worlds.”

    • Genre: A new and exciting romance visual novel about baseball and entertainment
    • Keywords: Tokyo Yakult Swallows
    • Outline: A new professional baseball league has been organized, and a team of newcomers who passed the Yakult team auditions is formed with the goal of making it the league championship. This is the story of the romance between the protagonist put in charge of the team, and the players on the team.
    • Official Twitter: @My9_otomate

    New Title by Yuki Iwai (Haraichi) and Daisuke Namikawa
    • Keywords: A new project by Yuki Iwi (Haraichi), Daisuke Namikawa, and Otomate has begun.

    Nintendo Switch Ports

    Senjou no Waltz for Nintendo Switch
    • Genre: Otome romance visual novel
    • Keywords: Scenario by Yuma Katagiri, character design and original pictures by Yumiko Takemura
    • Tagline: That girl is playing an “indigo”-colored waltz…
    • Outline: A port of the November 20, 2014-released Senjou no Waltz. Set in the ultranationalist military school Nirvana, a girl who came into possession of a “cursed magic sword” encounters others, deepens her relationships, and discovers a place she was sure she had lost.
    • Release Date: 2023
    • Official Twitter: @waltz_otomate
    Princess Arthur for Nintendo Switch
    • Genre: Otome romance visual novel
    • Keywords: A royal romance fantasy of swords and magic
    • Tagline: A chronicle of love and war about a girl who unwillingly became king
    • Outline: A port of the PS Vita version of Princess Arthur, which was released for PlayStation Plus subscribers on February 26, 2014. In it, an ordinary girl who was neither knight nor royalty was chosen by the holy sword to become “king.” Unknowing of why she was chosen, she cries upon the battlefield with the holy sword in her hand. To shape the destiny of the one she loves.
    • Release Date: 2023
    • Official Twitter: @PA_otomate

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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