Shueisha Games details lineup of games showcased at BitSummit X-Roads

    A plethora of brand-new titles.

    BitSummit X-Roads was a major success for exhibitor and publisher Shueisha Games, and the company detailed its upcoming lineup of games from the event.

    Schrödinger’s Call and Urban Myth Dissolution Center were two newly-announced games featured at BitSummit X-Roads. Schrödinger’s Call is a grand prize winning title from GAME BBQ vol.1, an original game contest held by Shueisha Game Creators CAMP. Urban Myth Dissolution Center is a brand-new mystery adventure game by developer Hakababunko.

    All the latest details are available below via Shueisha Games:

    The Tower – To the Bottom

    At the end of the world and beyond,
    There was a tower without end.
    And those who dwell in that tower
    Are all children.
    Shoulder to shoulder on the tower,
    They lived strong.
    Believing in the rumor,
    That a paradise exists on the Earth below them.

    In this deckbuilding roguelike game, children living on top of a mysterious tower are trying to reach the bottom and reach paradise on earth. By using various cards, battle your way through the many trapped floors of the skyscraper. Some cards have different effects depending on their orientation, like tarot cards. If you use a medicinal herb card upside down, it will turn into a poisonous herb. Find your strategies to overcome the tower’s weird creatures and traps waiting for you.

    What is the nature of this tower, and what exactly is “paradise”?

    The Tower – To the Bottom, is directed by Tom Ikeda (Little King’s Story, Lollipop Chainsaw, BLACK BIRD, Rule of Rose).

    Release date: 2022
    Price: TBA
    Platform: PC (Steam)
    Genre: Survival Rogue-like Adventure
    Number of players: 1
    Languages: Japanese, English
    Rating: TBA
    Publisher: SHUEISHA GAMES
    Development: Tasto Alpha
    Copyright: ©SHUEISHA / DeNA / Tasto Alpha, SHUEISHA GAMES

    ONI – Road to be the Mightiest Oni

    Kuta, an ogre, and his partner Kazemaru set off on an adventure to defeat the legendary hero Momotaro. A story of the trials and tribulation of this unlikely duo by up-and-coming creator KENEI DESIGN and Small World Entertainment!

    Release date: 2022
    Price: TBA
    Platforms: PlayStation 5/PlayStation 4/PC (Steam)
    Genre: 3D Action
    Number of players: 1
    Languages: Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese Simplified/Traditional)
    Rating: TBA
    Publisher: Clouded Leopard Entertainment Inc.
    Developer: KENEI DESIGN
    Copyright: ©HAYAMA SANGYO, KENEI DESIGN Licensed to and published by Clouded Leopard Entertainment Inc. Supported by SHUEISHA, SHUEISHA GAMES

    Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions

    Fight evil alongside Shonen Jump+ heroes!

    Damien, a shy boy, goes on an imaginary adventure with his favorites, Shonen Jump+ heroes. Combine forces to use “power combos” and “assist combos” to defeat enemies! Will Damien be able to overcome his difficulties and regain his peace of mind?

    Release date: Available now
    Price: $24.99
    Platform: Nintendo Switch (Download only)
    Genre: Tactical Adventure
    Number of players: 1
    Languages: Japanese, English, French
    Rating: IARC7+
    Developer: Momo-Pi Game Studio
    Copyright:©Momo-Pi Game Studio, SHUEISHA / SHUEISHA GAMES


    This is the story of Kai, a samurai cat traveling through a virtual world of “UKIYO.”
    The cyberpunk virtual world “UKIYO” is crowded with many avatars, as usual. However, a slight anomaly occurred. To Kai’s surprise, all his real-world friends have become residents of the game world. Kai travels through the neon-tinted, samurai-punk virtual world with his friends hoping to return to the real world.

    Release date: 2023
    Price: TBA
    Platforms: PC (Steam)/Other
    Genre: Japanese cyberpunk adventure
    Number of players: 1
    Languages: Japanese, English, others
    Rating: TBA
    Developer: Seaknot Studios / FREAKY DESIGN Inc.
    Copyright: ©Seaknot Studios, FREAKY DESIGN, SHUEISHA / SHUEISHA GAMES

    Urban Myth Dissolution Center

    Cursed boxes, haunted properties, other worlds…
    What is the true nature and truth of urban legends?

    “Urban Legend Dismantling Center” investigates cursed objects and strange things. As Shoko Naozato, you’ll team up with the psychic and center director Ayumi Mawariya to bust those urban legends.

    Release date: TBA
    Price: TBA
    Platforms: PC (Steam)/iOS/Android
    ジャンル:Mystery Adventure
    Number of players: 1
    Languages: Japanese
    Rating: TBA
    Developer: Hakababunko
    Copyright: ©Hakababunko / SHUEISHA, SHUEISHA GAMES

    Schrödinger’s Call

    I’m Mary. The last person in the world to talk to.

    In a world where all human beings have disappeared, you become Mary, the last person in the world to talk to. Those who are too lonely to die repeatedly call Mary to regain their precious hearts.

    Release date: TBA
    Price: TBA
    Platforms: PC, iOS, Android
    Genre: Adventure
    Number of players: 1
    Languages: Japanese, English
    Rating: TBA
    Developer: Acrobatic Chirimenjako
    Copyright: ©Acrobatic Chirimenjako / SHUEISHA, SHUEISHA GAMES

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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