CHAOS;CHILD details Mapping Trigger, Delusion Trigger systems

    Positive and negative delusions.

    Publisher Spike Chunsoft released new details regarding Mapping Trigger and Delusion Trigger systems in CHAOS;CHILD.

    CHAOS;CHILD is one of the two Science Adventure series titles found in the CHAOS;HEAD NOAH / CHAOS;CHILD DOUBLE PACK.

    All the latest details are available below, via Spike Chunsoft:

    Mapping Trigger
    This is the first time the Mapping Trigger system appears in the Science Adventure series. The player puts photos and notes of the case in the appropriate places according to the protagonist’s deductions. As the story progresses, a large map for organizing cases appears on the Newspaper Club wall. By placing various items on this map, Takaru can organize the information. Related information is automatically connected by strings, which can be used to help organize the case. Use the map wisely to progress the story. Failure to paste the correct items on the map could cause the story to diverge in unexpected directions.

    Delusion Trigger
    Both CHAOS; HEAD NOAH and CHAOS; CHILD utilize the Delusion Trigger system. The Delusion Trigger system allows players to select either a “positive delusion” or “negative delusion” during conversations with characters, and the corresponding “delusions” are created. By choosing “positive” or “negative”, the hero will experience the chosen delusion. Also, selecting either one causes delusions to run wild, the story will change, and the player will encounter scenes that would not be seen on the regular path of the story. The player can proceed without selecting either and will move forward without a delusion.

    Lastly, CHAOS;HEAD NOAH / CHAOS;CHILD DOUBLE PACK releases on October 7 for Switch in North America and Europe.

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