Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher announced for Switch

    During the Japanese Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, Koei Tecmo revealed the all-new Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher game.

    In collaboration with Ultraman, the new Monster Rancher game releases later this year for Switch in Japan with over 200 Kaiju. The new game celebrates the 25th anniversary of the renowned Monster Rancher franchise with signature gameplay systems intact.

    Read up on the full announcement by Koei Tecmo, translated by Gematsu:


    Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher is a collaboration between the nationally popular special effects franchise Ultraman and the popular monster raising simulation game Monster Rancher, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

    Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher is a Kaiju raising simulation game that adopts the base systems of Monster Rancher and Monster Rancher 2, allowing you to raise Ultra Kaiju like Alien Baltan, Zetton, Gomora, and more.

    Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher

    Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher

    Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher

    Ultra Kaiju x Monster Rancher

    Choose your weekly activites to raise your Ultra Kaiju, including feeding, training, studying, and adventuring.

    In the farm where the Ultra Kaiju are raised, you can each Kaiju’s various behaviors not depicted in their original works. And in tournaments where powerful rivals compete, you can experience intense battles just like the original works.

    Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher

    Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher

    Kaiju Raising

    Why not raise an Ultra Kaiju? As a “Kaiju Breeder,” the player raises “Partner Kaiju” and aims to become the strongest breeder by winning tournaments. You can train your Partner Kaiju through various means, including feeding, training, studying, and adventuring. Training improves their abilities, while studying enables them to acquire new skills.

    On the farm where you raise your Ultra Kaiju, you can enjoy the behaviors of Ultra Kaiju not depicted in their original works, including frolicking, dozing off, and sometimes even getting angry.

    Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher

    Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher

    Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher

    Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher


    After raising your Partner Kaiju, enter a tournament to compete against powerful rivals. The battle system is the same as previous Monster Rancher titles.

    The skills that you can activate vary based on the distance from the enemy Kaiju (adjacent, close range, middle range, and long range).

    Increase your stats through training and learn new skills through studying to gain the upper hand in battle.

    Unlike the laidback Kaiju you see on the farm, in battle the Kaiju are fierce and fight with the same intensity on display in their original works.

    Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher

    Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher


    There are over 200 Kaiju, including brand new ones!

    In Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher, Ultra Kaiju can be fused together to create a new monster. Including monsters born through fusion, there are over 200 monsters in the game, such as the Zetton-patterned Gomora. These monsters may look familiar, but you have never seen them like this!

    Kaiju Generation

    In Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher, you can generate Ultra Kaiju by using the “Song Generation” system to look up your favorite song from your favorite artist, or by using NFC-compatible technology such as IC cards. The monster generated is different based on the information read from the IC card.


    Announcement Trailer

    Lastly, a western release has not been confirmed.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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