Stray releases on PS4 and PS5 on July 19th

    During today’s State of Play event, we caught a trailer of the debut title from BlueTwelve Studio, Stray! This is a 3D action adventure game where you navigate a post-apocalyptic world as a completely unassuming house cat. Stray will release on July 19th for PS4 and PS5, and will be available for no extra charge to Extra and Premium members of the all-new PlayStation Plus service!

    Hello everyone! Finally! After so many years of hard work, we have our release date: Stray will be publicly available on July 19, 2022! And as you may have seen during today’s State of Play, we’re excited to confirm Stray will also be available to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium members* at that time.

    This really means everything to our small but oh-so-dedicated team, and we can’t wait to see people explore this world that we put so much heart and passion into making.

    Our journey as a small team crafting our very first game is finally reaching its end goal, and we all can’t wait to find out how players will react to exploring this unique world and engaging with its colorful inhabitants on July 19. So on behalf of the whole team including Jun and Oscar: Have fun everyone!

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