Horizon VR: Call of the Mountain will be released exclusively for PlayStation VR 2

    PlayStation VR 2 is on the horizon, and we’ve got a new Horizon game to show it off! Titled Horizon VR: Call of the Mountain, this previously announced VR title will see players as a sharpshooter named Ryas fighting the series’ staple mechanical dinosaurs. No release date is known at this time.

    Meet Ryas, Horizon Call of the Mountain’s protagonist

    The world of Horizon is spectacular up close. In Call of the Mountain, you’ll be seeing it through the eyes of Ryas, a former Shadow Carja Warrior who hopes to redeem himself by investigating a grave new threat to the Sundom. He is a master at climbing and archery, two skills crucial to survival as you step into his shoes, scaling perilous mountains and taking down mighty machines like the Thunderjaw.

    Throughout your journey, you’ll master various tools and weapons and use the world’s many materials to craft additional gear, equipping you for any situation. But you won’t be going it alone. Along the way, you’ll meet Horizon characters new and old, including Aloy herself.

    Alongside the game’s main story, Call of the Mountain will also offer an exciting, immersive River Ride experience. Take a seat and enjoy the gorgeous views of the world of Horizon, but look out; some uninvited machines may try to come aboard! The River Ride is the perfect wayfor a player using the PS VR2 headset to share the magic of PS VR2 with your friends and family as they watch along on a connected display.

    Horizon Call of the Mountain has been proudly developed together with the talented team at Firesprite. You can read more about the game at We can’t wait to welcome VR fans into the Horizon community.

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