DONTNOD rebrands to DON’T NOD and teases multiple new games

    As previously teased, DONTNOD reconfirmed that the studio has multiple new games in the work. The studio announced that it’s rebranding to DON’T NOD with a new visual identity. DON’T NOD underwent many major changes in recent years to properly represent the different game genres they have and will tackle on.

    Here’s what the studio had to say:

    DON’T NOD (previously known as DONTNOD Entertainment) is celebrating our 14th year of creating meaningful narrative games. The company has evolved consistently since the beginning, and so we’ve undergone a visual rebranding as part of our evolution to better reflect who we are as a company today.

    It’s an exciting time for us and we wanted to share our excitement with you! We have produced a reel to showcase our new logo. It’s an adaptable design and can be tailored to represent different game genres and universes, so it’s a good job we have several upcoming projects to test it out on…

    New visual identity

    The company has undergone lots of huge changes in recent years, namely the addition of our Montreal studio and our expansion into games publishing, which brings us to around 320 talents in France and Montreal that benefit from our innovative FROG (Fully Remote Organization) scheme. Dontnodians are all working in several human-sized teams and on six exciting upcoming internal projects! We self-publish most of our games, as well as those of other developers, by offering our support in bringing their creations to life.

    New visual

    With this logo, we wanted to reintroduce the apostrophe and the space between the two words to truly embrace the meaning of DON’T NOD. DON’T NOD is two words to represent our tendency to be non-conventional as a company and in the games we create – as in, we DON’T NOD along to everyone else’s tune. The D is shattered, and the N appears within it, signifying that we’re not afraid to break the mold. This new logo links our games – meaningful, powerful stories – with who we are as a company.

    A quote from Oskar Guilbert, CEO of DON’T NOD:

    “I am very proud of the journey that DON’T NOD has been on over the past 14 years. The company has evolved in many ways with a strong will to lead the way in creating and curating meaningful entertainment, through original and relatable stories, which empower our talents and players to inspire change, however small. This new brand’s visual overhaul will help us convey our core identity.”

    Brand new website

    As you can see, we have also launched a brand-new website to replace our previous one! We want this new site to connect us with you, whether you’re a fan of our games or you want to work with us. Step into the universes of all our games and access exclusive content, behind-the-scenes snippets, and the latest news. If you take a look around our studio and careers pages, you’ll also have some insight into who we are and how we work.

    Our community is very important to us, and so we’re happy to introduce our tailor-made user submission tool on our dedicated community page, where you can submit your own fan-made creations – fanart, cosplays, testimonies, poetry etc. inspired by your favorite DON’T NOD games – to have your work featured on the website! We are always blown away by our fans’ talent and are proud to showcase it.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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