Guilty Gear Strive Starter Edition, major balance update and cross-play beta announced

    Arc System Works that a major balance update for Guilty Gear Strive arrives on June 10th with tuning to all characters, changes to game mechanics, and control improvements. A cross-play beta will be held sometime this summer across PS4, PS5, and PC. On August 9th, the Guilty Gear Strive Starter Edition releases in Japan for PS4 and PS5. Season Pass 1 content and the base game are included in Guilty Gear Strive Starter Edition.

    Read up on more details below via Gematsu:

    Impending Large-Scale Balance Update

    Guilty Gear: Strive

    Arc System Works will release a large-scale balance update for Guilty Gear: Strive on June 10, which includes:

    • Balance tuning for the entire cast.

    • Changes to overall game mechanics to transform the gameplay.

    • Improvements to controls.

    Starter Edition 2022

    Guilty Gear: Strive

    Arc System Works will release Guilty Gear: Strive Starter Edition 2022 for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on August 9 in Japan for 5,980 yen.

    The package includes:

    • Guilty Gear: Strive base game

    • Guilty Gear: Strive Season Pass 1

      • Additional Colors

      • Additional Character #1: Goldlewis Dickinson

      • Additional Character #2: Jack-O’

      • Additional Character #3: Happy Chaos

      • Additional Character #4: Baiken

      • Additional Character #5: Testament

      • Additional Stage: Lap of the Kami

      • Additional Stage: White House Reborn

      • Additional Another Story

    Cross-Play Beta Test

    Guilty Gear: Strive

    The cross-play beta test for Guilty Gear: Strive, which enables cross-platform online battles between PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC players, will be held this summer.

    Further details will be announced via the official Guilty Gear Twitter account and website.

    Guilty Gear: Strive Original Soundtrack: “Necessary Discrepancy”

    Guilty Gear: Strive

    The Guilty Gear: Strive original soundtrack “Necessary Discrepancy,” which was sold early exclusively at Tower Records in March, will launch via general sale and various music distribution stores on May 27.

    It includes a total of 25 songs across two discs, including the 24 vocal songs up to Season Pass 1, as well as the Season 2 theme song. The booklet also includes both the English lyrics and Japanese translations.

    Lastly, check out the new trailer below:

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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