Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei third round of character profiles revealed

    Idea Factory revealed more character profiles for upcoming otome visual novel Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei. The latest information focuses on Kakunichi, Kichiji Nobutaka, Kiyomori Taira, and Norimori Taira. These characters help propel the storylines of each route.

    Read up about the characters below via Idea Factory:

    Kakunichi (VA: Akihira Mine) 


    A monk of Kurama Temple and teacher of Shanao and Shungen. Having raised them since birth, Kakunichi taught them everything from martial arts to military strategy. He has tried to instill in Shanao the desire to take up her role as heir to the Genji clan.

    Kichiji Nobutaka (VA: Fumitake Ishigumo)

    Kichiji Nobutaka

    A successful merchant who has made a large fortune selling gold from Oshu to the capital of Kyoto. As he travels around the world he is always on the lookout for good deals and changes in the wind. He first proposes to bring Shanao to Hiraizumi.

    Kiyomori Taira (VA: Michitake Kikuchi)
    Kiyomori Taira

    Leader of the Heike family. After playing a major role in both the Hogen and Heiji Rebellions, he continued to gain power and influence for himself and the Heike.

    Having reached the pinnacle of power and influence, he maintains a cooperative, but somewhat contentious relationship with the Imperial Family.

    Norimori Taira (VA: Takahiro Sumi)

    Norimori Taira

    Father of Noritsune and Kiyomori’s half-brother.

    With a strict personality and calm demeanor, he helps guide the Heike clan despite his brother, Kiyomori, pushing things too far.

    Pre-orders for the standard edition and limited edition open on May 25th. Lastly, Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei releases June 28th in North America and July 1st in Europe for Switch.

    Soul Kiwami
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