FuRyu teases PROJECT-TRITRI, a new action RPG for PS4, PS5 and Switch

    FuRyu launched a teaser website for PROJECT-TRITRI, the codename for a new action RPG coming to PS4, PS5, and Switch. The new game is developed by Three Rings and will be officially revealed on May 26th.

    Staff for PROJECT-TRITRI includes:

    • World Designer: Nobuteru Yuuki
    • Character Designer: Raita Kazama
    • Storywriter: Yuura Kubota
    • Music composer: Hiroki Kikuta
    • Creature designers: Atsuko Nishida, Tomohiro Kitakaze, and Megumi Mizutani

    Read up on more details from the teaser website, compiled and translated by Gematsu:

    ■ Hint 01: A Party of Creators Assembled to Create a Traditional RPG

    • World Design: Nobuteru Yuuki (Trials of ManaChrono Cross)

    • Character Design: Raita Kazama (XenobladePuzzle & Dragons)

    • Scenario: Yuura Kubota (Octopath TravelerBravely Default II)

    • Music: Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of ManaTrials of Mana)

    • ??? Design: Atsuko Nishida, Tomohiro Kitakaze, Megumi Mizutani (Pokemon series)

    • Animation: domerica

    • Development: Three Rings

    ■ Hint 02: Confidential Document





    A revival of 90s era RPG classics for the modern age. Nostalgic and moving for the adults today who were children back then, and straight fun for the children of today, playable by yourself or with everyone.




    The excitement, elevation, and tension that the player feels during the game.

    (There are plans to attract interest from users before release through measures such as demos.)



    Long ago, the “Gods of Order” and the “Gods of Chaos” fought for control of the world.

    Great weapons fell to the land, and the world began to collapse.

    Each God chose a proxy—a “Warrior of the Gods”—and it was decided that a winner would be determined by the battles between warriors.

    And so time passed…

    Cyan, a young man living a quiet life in a small village, learns that he is a “Warrior of Chaos” chosen by the Gods, and sets out on a journey to fight against his cruel fate.



    Unique characters designed by Raita Kazama bring the story to life.



    ??? can only be created by those who possess power, and their appearance and personality are shaped by the image of their creator. They can transform into various weapons to help out their summoner.



    • Title: Tri???? Tri????

    • Genre: Action RPG

    • Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch

    • Players: 1 to 3

    • Release Date: Q2 2022 (planned)



    The three of us can change our fate.

    Lastly, check out our reviews of FuRyu’s latest games below:

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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