Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.1: Newfound Adventure is out now

    Square Enix have released Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.1: Newfound Adventure across PS4, PS5 and PC! As previously announced, the update continues the main story along with adding a plethora of content. Read up on more details below:

    LOS ANGELES (April 12, 2022)  A new chapter in the critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online story begins today with the first major content update following the launch of Endwalker™ with Patch 6.1 “Newfound Adventure.”

    This latest patch beings a new story for the Warrior of Light while adding an array of new content alongside enhancements to support an approachable solo-play experience. These changes include adjustments to several low-level main scenario duties as well as the implementation of the new Duty Support System, which provides players with the ability to complete 4-player main scenario dungeons and trials from A Ream Reborn™ (2.0) alongside a party of NPCs. Major revisions to Cape Westwind and later duties have been made to further support an accessible, solo-play experience. The Duty Support System will also be expanded in future updates to support Patch 2.x content, as well as Heavensward™ expansion pack content and beyond.

    Myths of the Realm: Aglaia and New PvP: Crystalline Conflict

    Patch 6.1 also brings a variety of new in-game content for players to experience during their newfound adventures. Further details on this content are outlined below:

    • Main Scenario Quests – Patch 6.1 will mark the start of a fresh chapter for the Warrior of Light, beginning a new storyline following the acclaimed Endwalker conclusion.

    • New Role Quest – An additional story will become available after completing all Endwalker role quests.

    • Duty Support System for A Realm Reborn– Players can now complete main scenario dungeons and trials from A Realm Reborn (2.0) with NPC party members.

    • New Dungeon – Players will be able to access an additional dungeon in the Patch 6.1 main scenario quest.

    • New Trial: The Minstrel’s Ballad: The Endsinger’s Aria – Players can experience a new Extreme Trial, The Minstrel’s Ballad: Endsinger’s Aria.

    • Unreal Trial: Ultima’s Bane (Unreal) – Relive the battle against the mech of myth in this Unreal difficulty battle challenge.

    • New Alliance Raid: Myths of the Realm – The first part in a new 24-player alliance raid, Myths of the Realm: Aglaia, will challenge players as they uncover more about the divinities known as the Twelve.

    • New PvP Content: Crystalline Conflict – Crystalline Conflict is small-scale PvP available to all players level 30 and above. Patch 6.1 also includes PvP action updates and implements a new PvP rewards system.

    • Empyreum Residential Area – Plots in Empyreum, the new Ishgardian residential district, are available for purchase.

    • Adventurer Plates (beta version) – Create and customize character profiles and plate designs using Adventurer Plates. Character profiles can now include information like a player’s favorite job and title, player portraits, playstyle preference, active play times and more.

    • Portraits (beta version) – Capture the appearance of your Warrior of Light by customizing poses, movements, camera angles, backgrounds, framing, lighting, and more. You may save a variety of different portraits and select one to be applied to your adventurer plate.

    • The Unending Codex – An assortment of information on characters and terms up through Patch 6.0 will be added to player’s Collections as they progress through the Patch 6.1 main scenario, with new entries being added as the story unfolds.

    • New Game+ Update – Players can now revisit previously completed quests, cutscenes and battles from Endwalker and a portion of Patch 6.1 while keeping their current character and levels.

    • New Gear and Mounts: GARO Collaboration – PvP gear inspired by the hit Japanese TV show GARO returns with Patch 6.1. Players can earn special mounts and gear modeled after the show designed by legendary character designer Keita Amemiya. New jobs introduced in Shadowbringers™ and Endwalker can also equip this collaboration gear.

    • Miscellaneous Updates – Additional content and updates have been added with the launch of Patch 6.1, including job adjustments, new Hrothgar hairstyles, more glamour plates, the ability to try on items from the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Store and more.

    You can find the full details for Patch 6.1 in the patch notes at:

    Players can also look forward to more exciting content as the 6.1x patch updates continue, including:

    • “Tataru’s Grand Endeavor” (Patch 6.1x) – The spotlight falls upon Tataru in this new sidequest series.

    • New Ultimate Duty: Dragonsong’s Reprise (Patch 6.11) – Players will revisit the fearsome battles of the Dragonsong War, with a new level of difficulty.

    • “Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures” (Patch 6.15) – The inspector extraordinaire and his friends will return in another sidequest series, which will begin in Patch 6.15.

    • New Custom Deliveries (Patch 6.15) – Crafters and gatherers will be able to earn rewards through new Custom Deliveries with Ameliance Leveilleur.

    • New Tribal Quests (Patch 6.15) – New Arkasodara tribal quests for battle classes and jobs will be added.

    • Data Center Travel (Patch 6.18) – Players will be able to visit Worlds in different logical data centers within the same physical data center.

    • Omega: Beyond the Rift (Patch 6.1x)

    • And much more…

    For more information on all the content being added, visit the Patch 6.1 promotional site:

    Hatching-tide In-Game Rewards

    The seasonal event Hatching-tide begins tomorrow, April 13 through April 27 with new in-game quests and exclusive rewards for players who participate. Players who participate in Hatching-tide can look forward to finding Jihli Aliapoh, who’s nearly hopping with excitement to discuss the miracle that is this year’s event. Anyone who manages to complete her quest will be able to get new in-game items, including the Hatching Bunny minion, Eat Egg emote, and the Eggsemplary Basket and the Hatching-tide Mobile housing décor items. For more information on Hatching-tide, visit the promotional site at:

    Finally, SQUARE ENIX® announced sales details for the premium FINAL FANTASY XIV-themed collaborations with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (“Fender”). The first collaboration features a FINAL FANTASY XIV original design STRATOCASTER® guitar with imitation crystal detailing, custom branding on the neck and a custom, vintage-style hard shell case adorned with the FINAL FANTASY XIV logo. The second collaboration features a FINAL FANTASY XIV original design Crystal Shard guitar pick set which includes five picks, each representing one of the existing expansions from FINAL FANTASY XIV.

    The FINAL FANTASY XIV STRATOCASTER® is currently available now on and select retailers in EMEA and will launch in the U.S. May 2022.
    The Fender x FINAL FANTASY XIV Crystal Shard Picks will be available on and select retailers in EMEA and the U.S. in May 2022.
    To find a retailer near you, please visit

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