Honkai Impact 3rd Version 5.6 releases on April 7th

    HoYoverse announced that Honkai Impact 3rd Version 5.6 releases on April 7th across iOS, Android and PC! Version 5.6 features new battlesuits, weekly challenges, a revamped BP Points system and much more. Read up on more details and check out the new trailer below:

    In v5.6, Elysian Realm will be welcoming a major update! BP points and Daily Missions will also be revamped. A new mode will be available in Beginners, Elites, and Masters Abyss!

    ※※※※※[Elysian Realm] Major Update※※※※※

    ◆ [Flame-Chasers’ Trials] Chapter 3

    Limited-time open access for [Flame-Chasers’ Trials] Chapter 3 coming soon! In v5.6, the required level for accessing [Elysian Realm] is lowered to Lv. 30 and above.

    ◆ Roster Additions

    In v5.6, [Fallen Rosemary] and [Reverist Calico] will be added to [Elysian Realm]!

    ◆ New Flame-Chaser Signets

    Five new Flame-Chasers Signet will be added: [Discipline], [Helix], [Daybreak], [Stars], and [Reverie].

    ◆ New Mission Rewards

    After the v5.6 update, you can obtain the battlesuit [Valkyrie Gloria] by playing [Elysian Realm] for the first time and completing tutorial missions.

    ◆ Valkyrie Trials

    Valkyrie Trials are categorized into [Sequence: Safe], [Sequence: Normal], and [Sequence: Dangerous] challenges. Complete the challenges to raise your battlesuits’ levels! [Sequence: Real] and its missions will be removed, and its Crystal rewards will be added to [Sequence: Dangerous]’s First Clear rewards instead, totaling 200 Crystals. On the attack screen, you can see the enhancement levels of all chosen battlesuits.

    ◆ Weekly Challenges

    The weekly challenge mission rewards will be replaced with a clear score system. Rewards will be given according to the number of points earned in a single run, so you can get rewards even if you cannot complete the last floor of the trials! Please note that only the highest score of a single run is recorded, and replaying will not accumulate the score.

    Difficulty Factors will also be replaced by 7 different Difficulty Coefficients. Difficulty Coefficients will affect enemies’ strength, HP, and mechanics. Higher Difficulty Coefficients further increase the points earned in a stage. Meet score milestones in a single run to unlock weekly challenge rewards.

    Apart from that, weekly challenges will now include rotating stage effects. Stage effects may provide buffs, such as increased DMG against specific types of enemies, and may also provide debuffs, such as enemies becoming stronger.

    Before entering the weekly challenge stage, you can choose a buff from a list. Choosing a buff will not affect your clear score. Pick different buffs to freshen up your journey!

    Additionally, the effects of some [Remembrance Sigils] that “”make portals carrying corresponding Signets appear more often”” are enhanced. Use those [Remembrance Sigils] in stages to greatly increase the chance of these portals appearing!

    The enemy arrangements in the [Elysian Realm] will be updated. Enemy arrangements (the types and numbers of enemies) will rotate sequentially in a cycle. When the effect of a stage changes, the enemy arrangement of a stage will also change. During the challenge, keep an eye on the remaining number of enemy waves to plan ahead!

    After completing specific Chapter 3 missions, you may pick 3 Signets instead of 2 when choosing Signets for the next level. Pick your desired Signets at ease!

    *Ai-chan’s Reminder:

    To complete the [Elysian Realm] major update, the [Elysian Realm] will be temporarily closed from 04:00, APR 4 ~ after the v5.6 update. After the v5.6 update, you can explore the new [Elysian Realm]!

    Furthermore, from 18:00, APR 6, the HoYoLAB Battle Chronicles system will temporarily close its [Elysian Realm] module. For launch date of the new Battle Chronicles, please follow our official announcements.

    No more spoilers for other content! Captains, please play the new version to find out!

    ※※※※※BP Points and Daily Missions Update※※※※※

    In v5.6, the BP points and Daily Missions system will be revamped.

    ◆ More Rewards

    Optimized BP rewards. Rewards have been streamlined and added Vanguard BP and Knight BP rewards for BP Lv. 60~70. In total, you can receive more Crystals and Honor Chips.

    When your BP level hits 70, every additional level will reward a treasure chest. The treasure chest will randomly give an item including, but not limited to, Crystals, Booster, and AE Imaginon. Each BP season rewards up to 30 treasure chests.

    ◆ BP Points Obtainment Update

    After the v5.6 update, the amount of BP points received from daily and weekly missions will be adjusted. BP points received from event panels will no longer count towards the weekly cap. You can now complete event missions to gain more BP points!

    ◆ Interface Update

    On the new [BP Missions] interface, you can conveniently collect all unlocked rewards with a single tap. Additionally, you will begin receiving BP points instead of daily Duty from BP missions. You can receive rewards as indicated on the daily BP progress bar filled by completing BP missions at the bottom of the screen. When weekly BP limit is maxed out, it will not affect the rewards obtained from the daily progress bar.

    *Ai-chan’s Reminder:

    Faster rewards collection: after the v5.6 update, you can collect all rewards unlocked in the daily BP progress bar by tapping on any one of the unlocked rewards.

    Other BP content adjusted. Asterite and Coins received from weekly quiz missions will now be given by quizzes instead of quiz missions.

    As the daily Duty system is removed, the rules for refining Asterites will also be updated. After the v5.6 update, you will recover Energy upon completing BP missions. BP points received in other ways, such as events, purchases, and weekly BP chests, will not restore Energy.

    Armada Contribution obtainment updated. Armada Contribution will no longer be related to daily Duty. After the v5.6 update, completing specific BP missions will immediately reward Armada Contribution.

    ※※※※※New Abyss [Q-Manifold]※※※※※

    In v5.6, [Dirac Sea] will be replaced with [Q-Manifold]. This update will only apply to Beginners, Elites, and Masters Abyss. Exalted Abyss will not be affected.

    After the v5.6 update, [Q-Manifold] will be opened on a new interface. You can receive rewards respective to the number of floors you clear in [Q-Manifold]. The position in a group no longer determines the rank. Instead, the number of floors you clear before Abyss finalization will determine if you will be promoted, retained, or demoted in rank. Captains who are in the RedLotus division of Masters Abyss will receive additional finalization rewards.

    ◆ Reward Obtainment Update

    Abyss rewards will no longer be collected after finalization and will be immediately given after completing a run. The amount of Crystals Abyss rewards will depend on the number of floors cleared.

    Additionally, [Q-Manifold] also offers finalization rewards. After a [Q-Manifold] season ends, you will receive a corresponding rank emblem and enter a different level of Abyss depending on promotion or demotion.

    ◆ Weather Mechanics Update

    In [Q-Manifold], the weather conditions and mechanics will affect all Abyss stages, instead of one specific floor.

    ◆ Abyss Promotion and Retention System Update

    Sinful Abyss: No demotion. You can promote after completing the final floor within the time limit.

    Agony Abyss: Retain your rank by clearing a specific number of floors. You can promote after completing the final floor within the time limit.

    RedLotus Abyss: You can retain your rank by completing the final floor within the time limit.

    *The above info is taken from the test server and is subject to change in the live version.

    Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest gaming news and updates!

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    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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