void tRrLM (); // Void Terrarium 2 enhanced terrarium, game flow details

    Nippon Ichi Software shared new details about upcoming roguelike RPG void tRrLM (); // Void Terrarium 2! The company introduced the game’s enhanced terrarium and game flow features. Read up about it below, courtesy of Gematsu:

     An Enhanced Terrarium

    In void tRrLM2(); //Void Terrarium 2, you move into a new terrarium. Grow plants with Toriko and dress her up… enjoy a new life with the robot and Toriko!

    —Move into a new terrarium. A new life with the robot and Toriko.

    Void Terrarium 2

    —Grow a home garden with Toriko.

    Void Terrarium 2

    —With a canopy bed and cute dresser, even Toriko can look like a princess.

    Void Terrarium 2

    —Fail to play with Toriko and she might sulk…

    Void Terrarium 2

    ■ Develop Your Terrarium with Toriko

    You can sow seeds and grow plants in your new Terrarium. By adjusting the temperature and humidity level, you can create the perfect environment for your plants. Harvest the plants that grow to obtain seeds, objects, and recipes.

    —Toriko helps water the plants.

    Void Terrarium 2

    —Turn on the steam! Temperature and humidity level control are vital to growing plants.

    Void Terrarium 2

    —Toriko looks hot… If this goes on, Toriko might come down with something.

    Void Terrarium 2

    ■ A Terrarium All Your Own

    The atmosphere of the Terrarium will change depending on the objects you place. The background music also changes based on the atmosphere, and you may even see expressions from Toriko that you normally would not…

    —A horror-esque terrarium! Toriko also seems frightened…

    Void Terrarium 2

    New outfits and hairstyles have also been added to Toriko’s wardrobe. Dress up Toriko to match the atmosphere of the terrarium.

    —Find recipes to upgrade your closet.

    Void Terrarium 2

    —When you come back from exploring, Toriko may even be dressed in her favorite clothes.

    Void Terrarium 2

    ■ Multiple Terrariums

    As you progress through the game, you will be able to manage multiple terrariums. Create terrariums with different environments and themes to efficiently take care of Toriko.

    —Walk around the terrarium while holding Toriko’s hand.

    Void Terrarium 2

    —Build a greenhouse to grow plants more efficiently.

    Void Terrarium 2

    —Build a playroom with lots of toys. Play with Toriko as much as possible!

    Void Terrarium 2

    ■ Game Flow

    1. Take care of Toriko in a survival environment known as a “terrarium.”

    Toriko cannot survive in a world contaminated by toxic fungi. The player takes on the role of a robot who takes care of Toriko in the terrarium where Toriko spends her days.

    Void Terrarium 2

    Void Terrarium 2

    Give Toriko food when she is hungry, and work with factoryAI to treat her when she is feeling under the weather. It is also important to flesh out the environment inside the terrarium for Toriko, who waits by herself while the robot is out exploring.

    2. Explore dungeons and gather the things you need.

    Head out to the dungeon to gather the things you need to take care of Toriko. Since dungeons are “random dungeons” that change form each time you enter, you can enjoy a different dungeon exploration experience each time.

    Items acquired while exploring can be used in combat, so make sure to utilize them when necessary. After you finish exploring, you can bring back the items you acquired as “resources.”

    —You can still bring back items even if you are defeated in battle, so explore as much as you can.

    Void Terrarium 2

    —New dungeons will also appear, including deserts and crystalized areas. Look out for items and recipes unique to each stage.

    Void Terrarium 2

    3. Use resources to craft items.

    Items acquired while exploring dungeons can be converted into “resources” and brought back to the terrarium. Use resources and recipes to craft terrarium decorations and items.

    Void Terrarium 2

    By crafting, you can also trigger a craft bonus. Craft bonuses increase the robot’s stats (ATK, DEF, HP) while exploring, and can make exploration more pleasant by increasing Toriko’s feeling of fullness and the terrarium’s resistance to contamination.

    Void Terrarium 2

    4. Decorate your terrarium with crafted decorations.

    Use crafted decorations and items to decorate your terrarium. The atmosphere of the terrarium will change depending on the objects used, and Toriko’s behavior will change as well, so create various terrariums while playing with Toriko.

    —Toriko can play with the furniture and toys you place in the terrarium. But standing on chairs is dangerous!

    Void Terrarium 2

    —Toriko is feeling good inside a beautiful terrarium. She cannot help but sing about it!

    Void Terrarium 2








    void tRrLM (); // Void Terrarium 2 releases June 30th for PS4 & Switch in Japan. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!

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