Shueisha Games subsidiary established, over 10 games in the works

    Shueisha announced a new subsidiary, Shueisha Games! This subsidiary is completely owned by Shueisha with the goal of expanding into the gaming industry with new games and developers on-board. Shueisha Games was established on February 16th and formally announced today, March 31st. Over 10 games are currently in the works with management support by the new company. Read up on more details below, courtesy of Gematsu:

    ■ Key People

    • Representative Director: Shinichi Hirono

    • Company Directors: Masahiko Ibaraki, Motokazu Kitabatake, Yoshihisa Heishi, and Masana Takahashi

    • Operating Officers: Masasmi Yamamoto (game production supervision) and Michiharu Mori (promotion and business management supervision)

    ■ Discovering and Supporting Talented Creators

    —An expansion of the Shueisha Creators CAMP support business.

    Shueisha Creators CAMP, established as a new venture by Shueisha, will be further strengthened through management support from Shueisha Games.

    As a company at the forefront of the manga business with an extensive number of manga under its belt, Shueisha is always looking for and discovering new talent.

    Shueisha Game Creators CAMP began with the idea that the know-how cultivated by Shueisha in the manga business over many years to discover and support the talents of new creators, can also be utilized to support talented game creators both solo and with few staff.

    In addition to game creators, Shueisha Game Creators CAMP also supports collaborations between creators and creators-in-the-making in various genres related to game development, including manga artists, novelists, visual artists, illustrators, and sound creators, helping bring new games full of ingenuity to the world.

    Over 4,000 creators have already registered to Shueisha Game Creators CAMP, which celebrates its first anniversary on April 20, 2022, and over 10 titles are being support so far, including several unannounced.

    Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimension

    • Release Date: Summer 2022

    • Price: TBA

    • Genre: Tactical Action

    • Platforms: Switch

    Shueisha Games

    The story of Damien, a shy boy has moved to Japan for family reasons. Unsure with his new life, Damien finds strength fighting along side Shonen Jump+ heroes in his imaginary world.

    The Tower: To the Bottom

    Shueisha Games

    Each time children descend the tower, one or two disappears…Survival Rogue Adventure

    ONI (title tentative)

    • Release Date: 2022

    • Price: TBA

    • Genre: 3D Action

    • Platforms: TBA

    Shueisha Games

    All in order to defeat Momotaro…

    Sorata, an ogre, and his partner, Kazamaru embark on an adventure that shows the other side of Japanese folk story, Momotaro.

    Developed by Small World Entertainment and directed up-and-coming creator Kenei Design!


    • Release Date: 2022 to Early 2023

    • Price: TBA

    • Genre: Japanese-style Cyberpunk Adventure

    • Platforms: TBA

    Shueisha Games

    Among the bustle of the crowded Japanese-style cyberpunk virtual world of UKIYO, a small anomaly occurred: all of my friends have become residents of the game!

    Help, Kai, a samurai cat, delve into a neon-tinted, samurai-punk virtual world in search of an escape!

    ■ Creation of New Large-Scale Titles

    —Large-scale projects are underway.

    Shueisha Games is working on new game projects in cooperation with major game companies. Multiple large-scale projects are already in the works with development funding as well as creative value that utilizes Shueisha’s popular, talented writers and editorial knowledge.

    A New Smartphone Game

    • Release Date: TBA

    Shueisha Games

    Development on an original new smartphone game is underway by a prominent studio under a major overseas game company with character designs by a famous Weekly Shonen Jump artist. It is planned for a global release with Japan and Asia leading the charge.

    Multiplayer Speed Trick Action Title

    • Release Date: TBA

    • Platforms: TBA

    Shueisha Games

    A new title co-published with a major Japanese company and developed by a major Japanese game studio. It will offer a new genre of multiplayer competition.

    Lastly, the official website is live here. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!

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    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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