DNF Duel 2nd open beta test includes Ghostblade, balance changes

    Nexon, Eighting and Arc System Works released new patch notes for the upcoming DNF Duel 2nd open beta test on PS4 and PS5! The beta includes the addition of playable fighter Ghostblade, various balance changes and bug fixes. As a reminder, the beta starts on April 1st at 7 PM PST. Read up on patch notes below:

    [New Character]

    • The Ghostblade has been added as a playable character

    [Character Balance Changes]

    • All Characters

      • Walking movement speed (forwards) has been increased

    • Berserker

      • Blood Riven: Can now hit downed opponents

    • Striker

      • One Inch Punch: Damage and Guard Break values have been increased

      • Tornado Kick: Hit stun/guard stun has been increased

    • Grappler

      • Seismic Crash: Startup has been decreased

      • Fling: Can now endure up to 3 attacks that can be guarded while standing when its being charged (excluding Awakening moves)

      • Spiral Hammer: Increased recovery and bound height

    • Inquisitor

      • Summary Justice: The second hit’s knockback distance has been increased

    • Ranger

      • Deadly Approach: The last hit will now force the opponent to be knockdowned upon a grounded hit

    • Dragon Knight

      • MP Recovery Speed has been increased (It will be increased even more when Awakened)

      • Dragon Wing: Recovery has been decreased

    • Hitman

      • Caracole: White Damage caused upon being guarded has been increased

    • Kunoichi

      • Heavenly Fire Blast: The first hit can now hit downed opponents

    • Vanguard

      • Earthshatter: The first hit’s guard stun has been increased

    • Crusader

      • Sacred Upper: MP recovered upon the second hit has been increased

      • Saint Counter: Decreased recovery


    • Connected Devices

      • PS4 arcade controllers can now be used with the PS5 version
    • Bug Fixes

      • Other bug fixes have been fixed and stability has been increased
    • Other

      • Age rating has been certified for Germany, and can now be played in Germany

    DNF Duel releases on June 28th for PS4, PS5 and PC. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!

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