AMD reveals new lineup of Ryzen 4000 & 5000 CPUs, releases in Spring 2022

    AMD announced various new Ryzen CPUs in the 4000 series and 5000 series! The Ryzen 4000 series aims to deliver better performance than the previous 3000 series on desktop at an even lower cost. The new Ryzen 4000 series of desktop CPUs start at $99 with the Ryzen 3 4100. Check out the specs and pricing below:

    Ryzen 3 4100 – $99

    • 4C/8T
    • Up to 4.0/3.8 GHz
    • 6MB Cache
    • 65W TDP

    Ryzen 5 4500 – $129

    • 6C/12T
    • Up to 4.1/3.6 Ghz
    • 11MB Cache
    • 65W TDP

    Ryzen 5 4600G – $154

    • 6C/12T
    • Up to 4.2/3.7 Ghz
    • 11MB Cache
    • 65W TDP
    • Integrated GPU

    Ryzen 4100, 4500 and 4600G CPUs

    AMD’s new Ryzen 5000 series give more options to PC users and players needing high performance at a low value. The new lineup includes the highly anticipated arrival of the Ryzen 7 5700X at $299. Check out the specs below:

    Ryzen 5 5500 – $159

    • 6C/12T
    • Up to 4.2/3.6 Ghz
    • 19MB Cache
    • 65W TDP

    Ryzen 5 5600 – $199

    • 6C/12T
    • Up to 4.4/3.5 Ghz
    • 35MB Cache
    • 65W TDP

    Ryzen 7 5700X – $299

    • 8C/16T
    • Up to 4.6/3.4 Ghz
    • 36MB Cache
    • 65W TDP

    Ryzen 5500, 5600 and 5700X CPUs

    All of these new CPUs release within Spring 2022. AMD did not stop there with announcements as the company confirmed that Ryzen 5000 series CPU support is coming to 300 series motherboards! Sometime this Spring, update launches for A320, B350 and X370 motherboards. This new update will be found in the motherboard manufacturer’s respective BIOS support page (MSI, Gigabyte, etc.). Check out the video below for more details:

    With these new CPUs and Intel’s current offerings, there are plenty of options for a great performing CPU at competitive prices. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest gaming news and updates!

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