Pokémon UNITE update is out now for Switch, iOS and Android

    The Pokémon Company have released Pokémon UNITE update for Switch, iOS and Android! The update adds Duraludon and applies balance adjustments to various Pokémon check out the patch notes below, courtesy of Dot Esports:


    • Added Duraladon

    • New items added to the shop

    • New events added to the game

    • Bug fixes

    • Text fixes

    • General changes

    Balance adjustments

    • Blastoise

      • Rapid Spin total move upgrade

    • Mr. Mime

      • Guard Swap description changed

      • Confusion damage decreased

      • Psychic can now be used while moving

    • Cramorant

      • Dive damage decreased and controls adjusted

      • Air Slash cooldown increased

    • Alolan Ninetails

      • Standard Attack controls adjusted

      • Aurora Veil move description changed

    • Lucario

      • Close Combat damage and effect on user decreased

    • Greedent

      • Movement speed reduced

      • Tackle cooldown increased

      • Defense Curl effect on user weakened

    • Eldegoss

      • Effect on the user weakened

      • Cotton Cloud Crash recharge rate increased

    • Decidueye

      • Spirit Shackle damage and charging speed increased

      • Nock Nock damage increased

    • Zeraora

      • Volt Switch damage increased

    • Trevenant

      • Movement speed increased

      • General bug fixes

      • Wood Hammer recoil reduced and effect on opponent’s increased

      • Pain Split effect on opponent’s and movement speed increased

    • Tsareena

      • Healing from enhanced Standard Attacks increased after level seven

      • Trop Kick damage increased and cooldown reduced

      • Stomp damage increased

    • Gengar

      • Enhanced Standard Attacks damage increased

      • Special Attack stat scaling increased per level

    • Hoopa

      • Standard Attack damage increased

      • Shadow Ball damage decreased and cooldown increased

      • Hyperspace Hole cooldown increased

      • Hyperspace Fury damage decreased

    • Aegislash

      • Sacred Sword display bug fixes

    • Slow Smoke

      • Cooldown lengthened and effect weakened

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    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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