Final Fantasy VII released 25 years ago in Japan

    25 years ago on January 31st 1997, Final Fantasy VII released in Japan! One of the most celebrated JRPGs of all time saw players enter the role of Cloud Strife, a self-proclaimed 1st class SOLDIER and hired mercenary for AVALANCHE. The planet’s life-stream is being drained by Shinra Electric Power Company and it’s up to AVALANCHE to save the planet before it’s too late. However, things quickly change once Shinra finds the group and collapses part of Midgar on top of AVALANCHE and the slums. Sephiroth also makes his presence known shortly after, leading to some inner turmoil for Cloud.

    In 2022, fans recently played through Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade on PC, which released in 2021 for PS5. Players would experience disc 1 in a new way along and a new journey with Yuffie. Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier players await the Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary commemoration stream featuring staff from the original game. The next part of Final Fantasy VII: Remake is also in development. Square Enix will share more information in the near future so fans will have to be patience until the time finally arrives. In the meantime, stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!

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    Soul Kiwami
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