As 2021 comes to a close, Princess Connect! Re:Dive players have a lot to look forward to as 2022 rings in (Thanks, Crunchyroll Games)! Starting January 1st, the special New Year’s Fortune login bonus campaign begins. Players may earn Jewels, Skip Tickets, Mana, Experience Points and more until January 12th. On the 4th, an additional login bonus campaign begins to celebrate the 1st anniversary Princess Connect! Re:Dive’s release in the west. Players may earn even more rewards such as Jewels every day until January 19th.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive New Year's Fortune 2022

On January 5th, the special Hiyori (New Year) Focus Gacha begins! Hiyori dons a special New Years outfit to bring good fortune in 2022. Players may summon her from this focus gacha banner until January 18th. Hiyori (New Year) will be obtainable with character points at a later date. In addition, the 3* Guaranteed Premium Gacha returns on January 5th as well. That day continues to be busy with new story content and new floors in the Tower of Luna. Tower of Luna remains open with its new content until January 10th and progress carried over from the previous run. Main Story Chapter 9-1 must be complete to access the Tower of Luna.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive Tower of Luna

Here’s a rundown of everything coming soon in January 2022 (subject to change):

  • Hiyori (New Year) Focus Gacha (1/5 23:00 UTC to 1/18 22:59 UTC)

    • Boosted rates for Hiyori (New Year), also available for redemption via character exchange points.
    • Hiyori (New Year) is a limited unit and will only be available during the Focus Gacha period.
  • 3★ Guaranteed Premium Gacha (1/5 23:00 UTC to 1/12 22:59 UTC)

  • New Year’s Fortune Login Event (1/1 23:00 UTC to 1/12 22:59 UTC)

  • 1st Anniversary Countdown Login Bonus (1/4 11:00 UTC to 1/19 22:59 UTC)

  • Tower of Luna (1/5 13:00 UTC to 1/10 15:59 UTC)

    • Unlocked after completion of Main Story Quest 9-1.
    • Complete each floor for rewards.
    • Reset your teams back to full health daily.
    • Progress made during this month will carry over towards future Tower of Luna events.
    • Floors 151-170 and EX Floor 170 Unlocked.
  • January Clan Battle (1/13 13:00 UTC to 1/18 07:59 UTC)

  • January Content Update (1/5 13:00 UTC)

    • Main Quest Area 20 unlocked.
    • Level cap increased from 118 to 121.
    • Character equipment cap increased from 12-3 to 12-4.
    • Chapter 10 of Main Story fully unlocked.
  • Guildhouse Updates

    • New limited-time furniture added to the Guildhouse Shop (1/5 23:00 UTC to ???  22:59 UTC)
  • Grotto Quest Double Drop Campaign (1/2 13:00 UTC to 1/13 12:59 UTC)

  • Normal Quest Triple Drop Campaign (1/13 13:00 UTC to 1/22 12:59 UTC)

Princess Connect! Re:Dive January 5th update

Princess Connect! Re:Dive is out now for iOS and Android. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!

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