Kemco and Water Phoenix announced that visual novel Archetype Arcadia releases on January 20th 2022 for Steam in Japan! Archetype Arcadia is currently out now for Switch, PS4 and PS5 in Japan. Currently, a western release has not been announced. Check out the brief overview below from the Play-Asia (Switch version) listing:

The world has fallen to Peccato Mania (original sin), which causes self-harm and other problems.

To save his younger sister Christine, who has been stricken by the disease, Rust full-dive into the online game “Archetype Arcadia”, which is the only way to stop the progress of the symptom.

Hope, pain, joy, betrayal, and inevitable “death” are found in this game, where the memories of the players turn into avatars and fight.

A fully-voiced text novel adventure game that tells a terrifying story of the overwhelming volume, led by memories that should have been lost.

Lastly, the Steam page is available here and English is not supported. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!

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