Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Rise update 3.7 is out now for Switch! The update applies various bug fixes and prepares for a ton of event quests coming soon. Rewards for the new quests include the Orion Set from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Check out more details and patch notes below:

Patch Notes

Main Additions / Changes

  • New Event Quests will be available every week.

  • New DLC can be purchased from Nintendo eShop.

Bug Fixes / Miscellaneous


  • Fixed a bug when creating a Palamute that causes a non-existent Voice Type 4 to be selected under specific circumstances, resulting in crashes and other issues.

  • Fixed a bug occasionally causing the settings of the targets to be different between the Host and the guests in the Training Area.


  • Fixed a bug causing some monsters only to flinch instead of being downed when hit by a vent in the Lava Caverns, or by a Blastoad.


  • Fixed a bug preventing the player from being able to enter their tent if they change areas just when they start Wyvern Riding.

  • Fixed a bug occasionally preventing the Item Bar from being updated.

  • Fixed a bug very occasionally preventing some visual effects from being displayed in cutscenes when departing on the Serpent Goddess of Thunder quest while wearing Arthur’s layered armor.

  • Fixed a bug causing the waist of the player character to look cut off when equipping certain leg armor in combination with the Sonic Jersey layered armor.

  • Fixed a bug occasionally causing the player’s hair to clip through their body when using the Hinoa Long or Minoto Long hairstyle.

  • Fixed a bug preventing the player’s Buddy from being displayed temporarily if the player joins a multiplayer session while their Buddy has been told to wait.

  • Fixed a bug preventing the jerky on the Buddy’s nose from being displayed if the player joins a Lobby during the Give Treat animation.

  • Fixed a bug occasionally causing Palicoes to stop moving when performing the Giga Barrel Bombay.

  • Fixed a bug occasionally causing the display of the gunlance’s remaining bullets to become incorrect when using the Ground Splitter.

  • Fixed a bug causing an unintended guard if the player is hit by a Palamute’s body slam and blunt hit combo while guarding.

  • Fixed a bug occasionally causing the color of the insect glaive’s glow to be different from the equipped Kinsect’s.

  • Fixed a bug causing a time frame during which the player cannot dodge if they stop aiming with the bowgun.

  • Fixed a bug causing a discrepancy between the amount of ammo owned and the amount of ammo displayed for the bowgun under certain circumstances.


  • Fixed a bug causing the Gyro Correction type to only be reflected on 1 controller when multiple controllers are connected.

  • Fixed a bug causing Cohoots to disappear from other players’ arms if you quick travel around the village during multiplayer.

  • Fixed a bug preventing the Total Slain number on the second page of the Guild Card from being displayed correctly if the combined total of monsters slain and captured reaches 99,999.

  • Fixed various text bugs.

  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes have been made.

Event Quests

Event Quests will become available for download via Senri the Mailman every week, at the usual time: Fridays 00:00 GMT / Thursdays 04:00pm PST. Here’s what’s in store for the next two weeks:

December 24 (GMT) / December 23 (PST)

  • Quest: “Blazin’ Soul of a Warrior”

  • Objective: Hunt a Magnamalo

  • Locale: Lava Caverns

  • Conditions: HR8 or higher

  • Quest: “Challenge Quest 07”

  • Objective: Slay all monsters (Apex Zinogre, Apex Mizutsune, Apex Diablos)

  • Locale: Infernal Springs

  • Conditions: HR4 or higher, 2 players max.


Also available Dec 24 (GMT) / Dec 23 (PST) are two Special Buddies: look out for Yasu and MHC Palamute! We’re confident they’ll be great additions to any hunting party.

December 31 (GMT) / December 30 (PST)

  • Quest: “Frost Bites”

  • Objective: Hunt all monsters (Lagombi, Barioth, Goss Harag)

  • Locale: Frost Islands

  • Conditions: HR4 or higher

  • Rewards: Orion Set (Hunter Layered Armor)

  • Quest: “Apex Rathalos Emergency”

  • Objective: Slay an Apex Rathalos

  • Locale: Shrine Ruins

  • Conditions: HR8 or above

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