It’s already been 3 years since Super Smash Bros Ultimate released for Switch on December 7th 2018. A relatively recent release in the overall history of gaming but it’s especially important this year. The game’s final update went live recently and before then, Sora from Kingdom Hearts completed the roster as the final DLC fighter. The crossover of crossovers title doesn’t do it enough justice. The cultural impact of the game brought companies, fans, communities and events together to celebrate gaming.

Like the title, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the ultimate work of Masahiro Sakurai for the series. Sakurai himself even states that it’s a nearly impossible hurdle to surpass a game like this especially with company relations, licensing and fan expectations. 82 characters, thousands of hours of music, stages spanning across franchises and billions of hours of playtime. The future is in the grasp of fans and luckily this year, Nintendo listened. The first ever officially licensed Super Smash Bros Ultimate circuit is coming soon and the competitive space keeps the game pushing forward.

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