*Update – 11/2* Eager players in Europe now have access to Pikmin Bloom! The game should be available worldwide now for iOS and Android.

*Update – 11/1* Pikmin Bloom is available now in Japan! The game is currently available in the west as well so players worldwide may partake in the new Pikmin experience.

*Update – 10/28* Pikmin Bloom is available now in North America for iOS and Android! Players in the rest of the west can expect it to be available soon.

*Original Article* Nintendo and Niantic have announced Pikmin Bloom for iOS and Android! This is a new Pikmin game for mobile that brings the experience to commuting and on the go play similar to Pokemon GO and Dragon Quest Walk. Players raise Pikmin, log memories through walking and complete fun tasks. Shigeru Miyamoto also worked on the new game on behalf of Nintendo. Check out the announcement and launch trailer below:

Announcement Video

Launch Trailer

Pikmin Bloom launches today with a rollout starting in Australia and Singapore for iOS and Android. Lastly, the official website and official Twitter Account are now live. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!

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