Neptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars – Alternate Costume DLC is out now

    Neptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars is out now for PS4 in the west! Players in Europe receive the game on October 29th. Idea Factory also released the free Alternate Costume DLC and the game’s first update, patch 1.01. Check out what’s included in the free DLC pack and patch notes below:

    The Alternate Costume DLC includes:

      • Purple Heart’s Ninja Garb (White)

      • Black Heart’s Ninja Garb (White)

      • White Heart’s Ninja Garb (White)

      • Green Heart’s Ninja Garb (White)

      • Asuka’s Pre-Transformation Outfit

      • Homura’s Pre-Transformation Outfit

      • Yumi’s Pre-Transformation Outfit

      • Miyabi’s Pre-Transformation Outfit

    Patch notes (update 1.01)

    – Fixed an issue where the “Seal” status effect wasn’t activating
    – Added an auto-save after defeating a boss in the main story
    – Added a graphical effect when touching an Access Point
    – Added graphical effects to show remaining time for Fuurinkazan Drive
    – Added an icon when a boss uses an attack that cannot be guarded against
    – Added a page about “Un-guardable Attacks” to the boss battle tutorial
    – Adjusted dash so it won’t be interrupted during jumping or falling down a ledge
    – Adjusted so Fuurinkazan Drive can be used while the Ninja Trigger Gauge is displayed
    – Fixed an issue in Chapter 3 Hedset Ravine’s boss battle which would softlock progression
    – Fixed an application error issue that occurred within the Settings screen
    – Adjusted Step and Dash movement Stamina usage rate
    – Fixed event during Steamax’s battle
    – New events added after clearing the game
    – Added a function to change Leader and Partner in the main Status screen
    – Added a page about “Special Requests” to the Kumotsu Shrine tutorial
    – Fixed an issue in “Spirit Canyon Watermelon Hunting” where not going a specified path would
    cause you to become stuck
    – Fixed an issue with “Mushroom’s All Out War” and “Watermelon’s All Out War” where
    progressing a certain way would make it unable to be cleared
    – Added UI within dungeons to show the controls restriction list
    – Adjusted the difficulty of “Trial of Life”
    – Fixed an issue in “Trial of Skill – Level 3” where taking a certain route would make the trial
    impossible to clear
    – Added a loading icon while loading an event
    – Other minor bugfixes and data adjustment
    – Fixed copyright displayed when creating a screenshot (European ver. only)

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    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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