Square Enix announced that the Dragon Quest Tact version 2.0 celebration is now live until October 30th! Players can earn the legendary hero Kiefer, take part in special quests and earn rewards throughout the entire month. Check out more details below:

LOS ANGELES (Oct. 4, 2021) – SQUARE ENIX® invites players to participate in an exciting Version 2.0 update campaign and a DRAGON QUEST™ VII® collaboration event in the fan-favorite mobile tactical RPG, DRAGON QUEST™ TACT. This popular mobile title has been downloaded more than five million times since its global launch in January 2021. Available now through October 30th, players can enjoy new content, including the arrival of a special in-game event quest, as well as limited-time rewards and scouts.

New content in the limited-time DRAGON QUEST VII collaboration includes:

  • DRAGON QUEST VII Hero – Players can obtain the legendary hero Kiefer for free by completing a special quest.

  • The Tallest Tower in the Whole Wide World Mission  Players can receive DRAGON QUEST VII-themed weapons and characters, as the difficulties increase as the floors rise.

  • Limited-Time Scouts – Players can now summon Maribel and Ruff as scouts in-game.

  • DRAGON QUEST VIIThemed Event Quests – Players can embark on themed in-game quests alongside legendary scouts Maribel and Ruff, as well as participate in a legendary Mega Boss Battle.

  • Tablet Fragment Trials – Players can collect four colors of the tablet fragments and can challenge four unique trials with different restrictions in order to receive special rewards.

The Version 2.0 celebratory update includes:

  • Max x70 for free Ver 2.0 Update SP Scout – Players can log in during the campaign period to claim up to seven Ver 2.0 Update SP Scout Vouchers, giving 10 free Scouts each in the “Max x70 for free Ver 2.0 Update SP Scout”. This scout features a colorful line-up of characters including: S- and A-Rank characters from both original and previous limited-edition SP Scouts, allowing players the opportunity to grow their roster.

  • Ver 2.0 Update Login Bonuses – Players can also enjoy a login bonus of 1,000 Gems during the celebration.

  • Ver 2.0 Update Fortune Quest – The Ver 2.0 Update Fortune Quest is available to challenge once a day. The monsters called forth by the Fortunetelling Mimic will determine the player’sfuture luck. The better the monster it picks, the more Gems the player will receive.

In DRAGON QUEST TACT, players will embark on an epic, tactical journey to diminish the evil that plagues the world of Orchesterra and join forces with familiar DRAGON QUEST series monsters along the way to save the world. Players will strategically build teams of iconic DRAGON QUEST monsters and direct them in heated tactical battles that unfold on a grid-like map. Along the way, players can recruit new monsters as allies and upgrade their favorites to take on more ferocious battles. Additionally, the Battle Road challenges adventurous players with even more story content for players eager to learn more about their monster allies. New and more experienced players can enjoy this new form of combat in this simple-yet-deep tactical RPG that features a large roster of beloved monsters.

DRAGON QUEST TACT is available as a free download with in-app purchases on the App Store® or Google Play Store™. Text is supported in English, French, Traditional Chinese and Korean. For more information, please visit: https://dragonquest.square-enix-games.com/tact

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