Mary Skelter Finale releases in just a few weeks in the west! Idea Factory shared new details about the game including the job system, characters in Pyre’s party and more. Check it out below:


Blood Transfusion System

Apart from normal skills, Blood Maidens can learn new skills through Blood Transfusion. Blood Packs can be harvested through the Blood Farm or found while exploring dungeons. They can only be used once appraised by an expert at the campground.

Using more blood heightens the effects of a Blood Pack. Transfusing appraised Blood Packs unlocks new abilities in the Blood Maiden of your choosing.

Experiment with different combinations to create the ultimate transfusion, granting your party unlimited power!

Job System

The Blood Maidens can change their jobs at the base’s “Laboratory”! By switching jobs, Blood Maidens not only change outfits, but their equipment and skills change as well. Customize your battle preferences to ensure victory!

Each character can unlock 5+ jobs. A few examples of some of the choices:
Alice can change between “Paladin” and “Destroyer”, a physical unit who excels in close combat.
Little Mermaid can change between “Counselor” or “Blood Witch”, giving her range as a dangerous mage unit.
Red Riding Hood can change between “Fairy” and “Poet”, using ranged physical attacks from distance.
Pyre can change between “Marksman “and “Assassin”, along with several other jobs. A versatile attacker!
Switch jobs across all parties to experiment in combat!

Players select skills learned by Blood Maidens as they level up. Leveling up awards CP, which are used to purchase and level up new skills as well!

Skills that have been unlocked can be used across all jobs! Each class teaches new skills. Invest in Paladin skills for well-rounded attackers, or Blood Witch skills for recovery magic. The possibilities are endless!



The youngest member of Massacre Pink, a murderous girl gang that rules the surface. She is inexperienced, causing her to overcompensate with petulance when frustrated.

In truth, she has no taste for murder, and she struggles with feeling excluded when her sisters partake in one of their frenzies. After being separated from her sisters after their ambush on the surface, she is left with no choice but to explore with Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty, hoping to reunite with her sisters.


A pure, bright-hearted girl. With Jackʼs help, her people skills have improved, but she has a goofy slip-up from time to time. She enjoys supporting her friends in battle with her impressive strength, and has finally learned not to treat them like tasty morsels..

Sleeping Beauty

The youngest of three sisters, she is a gentle woman of few words. At times, her restrained manner of speech can be difficult to follow, but she is more thoughtful and openminded than she appears to let on.

The separation from her friends following Massacre Pinkʼs ambush leaves her feeling uneasy, but with the help of Rapunzel and other Blood Maidens, she steels herself to find her sisters.

Fans can read up on more details about the game at the official English website. Lastly, Mary Skelter Finale releases on September 30th for PS4 and Switch in the west. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and updates!