EA and Motive Studio recently held their developer live stream for the upcoming Dead Space remake! Development of the game is very early on as pre-production started last year. However, the team is putting a lot of work into incorporating new elements of the game such as a new dismemberment system, richer narrative and more. By sharing information about development sooner rather than later, the developers want to take feedback from fans on how to improve the game even further. The game is being built on the layout of the original game but with extremely enhanced level of detail.

Early build

The new dismemberment system and body damage system allows for some more gruesome results in combat. For instance, Isaac can rip flesh from bone with certain weapons. The way enemies react to weapons and damage has been overhauled as well. This means that enemies have also been reworked with brand new damage models. The core of Dead Space has not been changed but will be enhanced greatly with the remake. Many sections of the remake will incorporate quality of life improvements introduced with Dead Space 2 like 360 degree freedom and thrusters in zero gravity. There will be new paths, challenges and secrets to uncover.

Zero gravity

Isaac is voiced by the returning Gunner Wright from the original series. To stay true to the original game, Issac will only talk when being spoken to or in situations that would call for a monologue. Dead Space remake focuses on heightening the feeling of isolation and silence. For those still wondering, the game will (of course) not feature microtransactions as it’s a single-player experience to be had like the original game. Check out a new piece of concept art below:

Medical Deck concept art

Dead Space is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC in the near future. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest gaming news and updates!

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