Netmarble, SNK and Koei Tecmo have announced that the Dead or Alive 6 collaboration is now live in The King of Fighters Allstar for iOS and Android! The new event brings Honoka, Kasumi, Marie Rose and Nyotengu to the game. Check out more details below courtesy of Netmarble:

LOS ANGELES – JULY 29, 2021 – Worlds collide in THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR, as fan-favorite heroes from DEAD OR ALIVE 6 officially step into the world of THE KING OF FIGHTERS. Fans and players alike can now collect new fighters, including Kasumi, Nyontengu, Marie Rose, and Honoka, and enjoy this unique collaboration from July 29 to August 19.

Beginning today, fans can earn SS Honoka by summoning fighters in the Carnival event and collect SS Marie Rose by clearing in-game missions. On July 29 and Aug. 5, players will have the chance to earn SS Kasumi and SS Nyotengu respectively. Different “swimsuit version” uniforms including Angel of Paradise Nyotengu and Angel of Paradise Marie Rose will also be available on July 29, whereas players can also collect Angel of Paradise Kasumi and Angel of Paradise Honoka on Aug. 5

This collaboration update also introduces many in-game activities for players to enjoy, including:

  • Check-in Event for new users- By logging onto the game for 14 days, various items will be granted to new players, including 200 summon packs for King of Fighters characterstwo fest fighters, among other rewards

  • New Dungeon – Beach of Paradise- By clearing stages with DEAD OR ALIVE 6 characters in this new dungeon, players can earn rubies and Level Up Items

  • Rush Dungeon- Players can fight as DEAD OR ALIVE 6 characters, where collab fighters appear as enemies – all to earning DEAD OR ALIVE 6 Affinity items upon completion

  • Advent Dungeon– DEAD OR ALIVE 6 Kasumi and King of Fighters Kasumi are teaming up to defeat players as the boss of this Advent Dungeon. After defeating both Kasumis, Players will earn coins that can be traded for DEAD OR ALIVE 6 option cards and exclusive Imprint Stones

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