Entergram is releasing romance visual novel Fuyu Kiss for PS4 and Switch on November 25th in Japan! Players can pick from a standard edition and limited edition with various goodies. Check out the brief overview below courtesy of Gematsu:

Japan was in the midst of a record setting cold wave.
My city—Uetsuruto—was no exception, as we were beset by day after day of freezing weather.

Then, one night, I received a text from an unknown number.

“Look outside your window! Snow! It’s snowing!”

Sure enough, the world outside my window had been transformed into a white wonderland.

“I’m sorry to text you so late. It’s just… you were the first person I wanted to tell.”

That was the final message they sent me.

I had no idea who the sender was.

Yet I had the strange feeling that, very soon, I might just fall in love.

In a world of snow, a warm and gentle love story is woven.

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