Rumor: Final Fantasy Origin, an action focused spinoff set in the original Final Fantasy’s world, is in development at Team Ninja

    This weekend, multiple rumors began swirling that a brand new PlayStation 5 exclusive Final Fantasy would be shown off at E3, in addition to the already announced Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. This is largely from ResetEra user Navtra, who previously leaked details surrounding Final Fantasy XVI, as well as Final Fantasy VII Remake. Now, Fanbyte is reporting that Square Enix has teamed up with Team Ninja to create a brand new action focused Final Fantasy spinoff called Final Fantasy Origin. The game takes place in the original Final Fantasy’s world, returning to a place that has not been visited in a very long time. Fanbyte has stated that the game will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5, and will be released on PC later down the road.

    Square Enix is planning an alpha this Summer, “to solicit feedback from the audience while the game is still in a fairly early state”, like we have seen with Team Ninja’s previous titles such as Nioh.

    Expect the title to play similar to Nioh or other games in the genre, but to be more accessible for a wider audience. Fanbyte’s sources indicated that the game is largely developed by the same team behind Dissidia NT, but that Team Ninja’s nearly-200 person studio involves a lot of shifting around and that there aren’t hard borders on the different teams these days. The Nioh DNA in the game is likely the result of people core to the first two games’ development being involved in Final Fantasy Origin.

    The game appears to be similar in vein to Nioh, however it looks to offer an easier experience for new players to play the title. Final Fantasy Origin is supposedly set for an E3 reveal, and this information is largely coming from a leak of Square Enix’s presentation set for the show.


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