Mihoyo recently revealed their roadmap of upcoming events within update 1.5 of Genshin Impact. One of these new events is the Windtrace event beginning on May 14th. Here are the new details:

During the event, Travelers can talk to Gygax in Mondstadt to participate in the Windtrace game. Win Windtrace Coins as well as obtain Primogems, the namecard “Celebration: Peekaboo!”, Character EXP Materials, Mora, and other rewards.

〓Event Duration〓

2021-05-14 10:00:00 – 2021-05-24 03:59:59


Adventure Rank 20 or above

〓Event Details〓

● On the first day of the event, the maximum number of Windtrace Coins you can carry is 1,200. This amount will increase by 600 for each of the 6 days after that, up to a maximum of 4,800 Windtrace Coins. Use the matching function to find randomized games and obtain Windtrace Coins.

● Accumulate certain amounts of Windtrace Coins to claim the corresponding rewards. Complete Windtrace Challenges to obtain additional Mora rewards.

● Before participating in the game, you must first unlock all of the Statues of the Seven located in the corresponding event areas. If you have not unlocked the Statues of the Seven of the corresponding areas, you will only be able to play games in the event areas where you have already unlocked them. You can view the unlocked event areas in the Contested Zone preview.

※ Windtrace Coins can only be obtained while playing in randomized games using the matching function. You will be unable to obtain Windtrace Coins while playing in a custom Co-Op party.

(Above times are all displayed according to your server time.)

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