Kakenuke Seishun Sparking! is coming to PS4 and Switch according to recent listings at Amazon Japan and Rakuten! This is a romance visual novel by Saga Planets and published by Entergram. A limited edition will be sold in Japan featuring a Riri Kashima acrylic figure, Hibiki Kohinata and Nagiko Kaidou B2-size tapestry and clear water-resistant case. Check out the overview of the visual novel below, courtesy of Gematsu:

The protagonist, Toono Yuu, is a junior at Kazami Academy,
At the age of puberty and youth. But…

“Youth? What’s that? You know I’m busy with my part-time job.”

He’s an extreme realist who devotes his youth to his part-time job. He does well with his schoolwork and spends all his free time earning money at his job every day. His hobby is checking his bank balance. His childhood friend Hibiki who couldn’t overlook this and his classmate Riri who looks up to him decided to try to put him in a club and change his life.

Hibiki, a lively girl, recommended to him the Activity Club, commonly called the Act Club, whose slogan is “Let’s have fun enjoying our youth in school!”.

Riri, a serious girl, recommended to him the Volunteer Club, commonly called the Negative Club, whose slogan is “Let’s spend our youth making the world a better place”.

Each club persistently tries to recruit Yuu.

“I’m not interested in either club. In the first place, youth isn’t necessary for me.”

Disregarding what Yuu wants, the girls drag him around each day. Why in the world did things turn out this way?

“That type of thing hasn’t been decided yet has it?”

“Get ready! Soon you’ll enjoy your youth!”

Just what type of youth is awaiting him!?

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