The PS3 PSN store closure is approaching this July. With this closure, many digital games will no longer be purchasable on the platform. Another problem has arisen on the PS3 in the way of updating and patching games to their latest version. According to various users in the US and EU at PSN Profiles, there have been problems trying to update PS3 games to a version passed 1.00. For some users, patching a game on disc or digital copy works fine and for many others, games can’t be updated anymore. This includes games like the EU version of Payday 2 and US version of Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition no longer being able to be updated past their 1.00 version. A moderator at PSN Profiles also corroborated this issue as it’s affecting both physical and digital games on the PS3.

It’s worth noting that this is happening with a select list of games out of the large amount library on the PS3. However, we still think it’s a topic worth bringing up for PS3 game collectors going forward as a potential issue to come across. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and support us on Patreon!