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    Pac-Man 99 recently released on Switch for Online subscribers and it’s a real treat. Although its free, players can also jump in and purchase DLC like single-player modes and themes. However, the real core of the game is the 99-player battle royale mode. We’ve already had this style of game with Tetris 99 and Super Mario 35 but simple gameplay shines in the multiplayer space. This time, the Pac-Man formula is updated for competitive fun and challenge that’s sure to make you try hard.


    The simple, traditional gameplay of Pac-Man is back and enhanced for online with a couple of battle royale twists. Quickly queue up for a match with 98 other people and the match begins. Players can spawn and eat Ghost Trains similar to those from Championship Edition. By doing so, jammer Pac-Men are set over to another player’s board. This can slow their Pac-Man down and outright end them if there are roughly 30 players or less left in the race. It gets really intense as players have options on how to target others. Counter other attackers, randomize your strategy, hunt others directly or assist people in knocking others out. It sounds very simple but really intensifies as the match goes on. The speed of enemy Ghosts and Jammer Pac-Men also increases, making for a seriously fun and challenging experience.


    Pac-Man 99 features a ranking system, emblems, themes and adjustable settings to round out the user experience. Each KO, match completed or match won adds XP that levels up the player similar to Tetris 99. Although nothing is gained from leveling up, the player rank is shown upon the results of each match. It’s a symbol of time invested in Pac-Man 99 rather than a traditional level up would in a different sort of game genre. That could change in the future though as Tetris 99 received a massive amount of updates. With Bandai Namco and Nintendo at the helm of Pac-Man 99, we can expect a lot of content to come. As previously stated, single-player modes and private match functionality may be purchased for more casual play.


    Pac-Man 99 follows the footsteps of Tetris 99 and Super Mario 35 while maintaining the original gameplay for old and new fans to enjoy. The simple and addicting nature shines through again as Switch Online members are treated to a fun and free game. It’s also a great nod to other classic Bandai Namco properties with various themes to check out if you have a extra dollar or two to spend. Sometimes, we just want something simple and fun to sink a couple of hours into. Pac-Man 99 does just that while reminding players of the yellow hero’s 40+ year legacy.


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    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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