The latest rumor comes to us from Doctre81 as his findings point toward Samsung being a supplier for Nintendo. Back in January, Samsung began their official consumer branding for OLED displays across 27 countries. This is part of Samsung’s plan to aggressively market their OLED technology with new products such as smart phones, TVs and more. In an excerpt from the press release, Samsung highlights their promise to provide the OLED technology across laptops, automotive and gaming console segments. There’s only one console that can directly utilize the OLED screen as part of the device itself: Switch.

“We are introducing our first OLED logo to better showcase our unparalleled technical expertise in the OLED market as it enters its maturity stage,” explained Jeeho Baek, Executive Vice President and Head of Mobile Display Sales, Marketing & Product Planning Office at Samsung Display. “Moving forward, we intend to aggressively position Samsung OLED technology across promising market sectors that take us well beyond smartphones including the laptop and notebook IT, automotive, and gaming console segments.”

This is not confirmed by Samsung or Nintendo directly so please take this as a rumor for now. However, it seems very likely that Samsung could be supplying Nintendo with OLED screens for the new Switch model. Lastly, we will provide updates on similar stories as they happen. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news and support us over on Patreon!