Microsoft is racking in some huge revenue as discussed in their latest financials briefing for 2021 Q2. The company made roughly $43.1 billion in revenue and over $15 billion in profit this past quarter. These are insane figures which eclipse the sale price of Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Zenimax and Bethesda ($7.5 billion). This is thanks in part to Xbox Series X|S’s console launch this past November and the growth of Xbox Game Pass subscribers. In fact, the total subscriber count for active Game Pass members is 18 million as of the past quarter. Microsoft’s gaming revenue hit $5 billion alone for the first time ever this quarter.

It’s not all good news though as many players aren’t able to buy a Xbox Series X|S console easily. Stock shortages are affecting the entire industry including Sony’s PS5 and the Nintendo Switch to an extent. Additionally, Nvidia and AMD GPUs come and go in literal seconds at retailers. Microsoft CFO Amy Hood says Xbox Series X|S consoles “will still be constrained by supply” in the upcoming quarter this Spring. Despite this, Microsoft is expecting a 40% growth in revenue next quarter thanks to Xbox content, console sales and services.

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