Love is in the air even though its only January. That means Valentine’s Day festivities kick off soon in Phantasy Star Online 2! On January 20th, the ARKS fleet ship gets decorated in rose/pink colors along with many Valentine’s Day decorations. Xia returns as the holiday vendor with new quests and rewards!

Players can expect new weapons to drop as well which may come from Valentine’s Day Rappies found out in the wild. Be on the look out for those huge Emperapies though. These will drop a ton of rewards.

In addition, players may take part in the new urgent quest, “Where the Chocolate Went”. This urgent quest requires 12 players to take on Falspawn within a 30 minute time limit. An Ultra Hard difficulty version of this quest is also available for high ranked players. These quests provide a ton of new rewards to get to grinding!

A new ARKS BINGO card goes live on January 20th as well. Players can earn new rewards by completing objectives and scoring bingo in the special card.

Divide Quests and Divide Medals are coming to the game on January 20th for those who seek an extra challenge. Players ranked 85 or higher in two ARKS classes may participate in these quests. There’s a lot of content coming to keep PSO 2 fans busy so read up on more here.

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