Reverse engineering is a useful tool for unlocking secrets and history from games. In the past, many fans of the Street Fighter series hyped up the possibility of a playable Shin Akuma. This wasn’t possible through cheat codes though, until now! The SNES version of Street Fighter Alpha 2 features an unlockable Shin Akuma once a player achieves a top score. When the player achieves this top score, entering the initials “KAJ” begins this process. Once this is done, the player is sent back to the title screen. A second controller must be used for the next step and requires player 2 to hold down:

  • L, X, Y and Start at the title screen while player 1 selects Versus

After this, any player can pick Shin Akuma by holding down start while choosing Akuma. His gray outfit turns purple to show that he’s in fact Shin Akuma. Capcom’s old fighting games still have secrets after all! Street Fighter Alpha 2 released 25 years ago for SNES, PS1 and the Sega Saturn.

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