Bandai Namco has announced that Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions update 1.10 is out on December 2nd! Additionally, new DLC characters are coming out on December 3rd. Here’s what producer Tsuzaki Katsuaki had to say:

We had shared the roadmap during Tokyo Game Show, but today we have some new information about additional content.

We’re here to tell you about the three new DLC characters, free updates, and other updates that were previously in the roadmap that was supposed to be updated in winter 2020!

Let’s begin with the trailer for the DLC characters!

As you guys expected on SNS, we will add 3 characters from the World Youth arc! Let me tell you more about them.

The first character is Stefan Levin.

His skills are consistent with his excellent technique, so Levin is a very well balanced and usable character.

You’ll be able to use “Aurora Faint”, which should be familiar. However, considering the timeline, we also included his original shot.

You’ll be able to add these new characters to your dream team.

Additionally, you’ll be able to join a training event in “EPISODE OF NEW HERO” by using the Friend Card, and they will teach you their useful skills.

The second character is Singprasert Bunnaak from the Thai Jr-Youth.

We made him very powerful, so when he pulls off a tackle, he will kick the ball even when there’s an opponent, so he can take the ball away while bringing an opponent down.

Some players may question why Bunnaak is a Jr-Youth player when Levin is an Honorary player.

It’s because when we wrote the scenario, we had made a list of participants for the Jr-Youth World Championship, and the Thai Jr-Youth wasn’t in the story but they were some of the participants.

Of course, Bunnaak will reveal his useful skills and techniques in the training event.

The third character is Ricardo Espadas from the Mexico Jr-Youth.

He is known to be a very aggressive player even though he is a goal keeper. But since a goal keeper in this game also acts as a spirit gauge, it was very hard to characterize him.

I think people who played the game a lot already know that goal keepers do not lose their spirit gauges other than during save shots. Once their spirit gauge is depleted, it takes time to recharge it, but Espadas can recharge his spirit gauge by dribbling successfully, so it can be said that he takes high risks, with potentially high rewards, and he can change the situation completely.

So now that we have introduced 3 characters, what do you think?

We will add more characters in the future so we hope you will look forward to them as well. We will also introduce new routes which will be added in free updates. Please watch the video!

This time, we will add the Otomo Middle School in Shizuoka led by Urabe. I thought it was as good as it gets, that many fans expect Otomo Middle School from keywords such as “never give up” and “rebellious spirit” I said in the previous live streaming.

Of course, you’ll be able to see the characteristic features of each team player in the story. The core of the team is a counter

and there are multiple choices for your character, such as supporting Nitta by making a pass, playing as a wing with Nitta, or joining as a defender and making the team defense stronger.

There are some differences such as “Team Gauge” and “Appeal Command”, so we hope you’ll also enjoy them.

We have introduced many new features, but we have more information.

It had been already announced, but we will add Assist Mode, which was highly requested by many players.

It will be applied only in “EPISODE OF TSUBASA” to avoid affecting the power balance of customized players, but you’ll be able to choose between two kinds of assist, and it makes it easier to progress the story. Of course, if you turn it off, you’ll be able to play with the same difficulty level as before.

We recommend it for people who are interested in the title but not used to playing action games.

Finally, we have information on power balance adjustments.

We received a lot of feedback, especially about the power balance in online matching when we launched the title and released Ver. 1.02.

For example, the Tachibana brothers are too strong. Some of the comments pointed out issues that impact the ideal gameplay we intended, so we will do the first balance adjustments to fix some of these issues.

As we write here, an intentional reinforcement is now possible by adding shot skills to a customized player, so we will adjust the power balance.

The adjustment for shots and moves might make training on EpNH difficult, so we adjusted shot stats.

We will adjust the Skylab Hurricane, which has a much wider effective range than other block skills and was pointed out by many users.

We’ve received a lot more feedback than what I mentioned here, and we will continue to look into it. We will work hard to make some adjustments to make the game more enjoyable, so please be patient. And the contents what we shared today will correspond to the red box in the roadmap.

We will work on new DLC characters but also on the free updates and balance adjustments to make the game environment more comfortable.

I hope you look forward to these many new features. The free updates will be available from tomorrow! The additional characters will be available from the day after tomorrow, so please enjoy playing the game.

Thank you for watching and see you next time!

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