SEGA has released new trailers for Sakura Kakumei! These new trailers showcase the Aogashima and Kyushu Flower Division characters in the game. Here are the characters introduced in the trailers along with their VAs:

Imperial Combat Revue: Aogashima Flower Division

    • Shino Sakura (voiced by Moeka Kishimoto)

    • Fuka Aoshima (voiced by Ayu Matsuura)

    • Asebi Mikohama (voiced by Yuuko Natsuyoshi

Imperial Combat Revue: Kyushu Flower Division

      • Mamiya Usumi (voiced by Mitsuho Kambe)

      • Yu Takachiho (voiced by Minami Takahashi)

      • Rin Shiranui (voiced by Kotomi Aihara)

      • Mei Kokonoe (voiced by Yukiko Motoyoshi)

      • Himeka Tenjin (voiced by Sachika Misawa)

      • Angelica Tamano (voiced by Rina Endou)

      • Kusuno Imari (voiced by Hitomi Sasaki)

Aogashima and Kyushu Flower Divisions Trailer

Aogashima Headquarters Report #4

SEGA also teases their next Aogashima Headquarters report for Sakura Kakumei with a new trailer:

Sakura Kakumei releases this year for iOS and Android. Lastly, catch up on more details and the anime short here. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news!