Genshin Impact fans are in for some more story content soon as Mona’s new story chapter goes live on October 26th! Players will need a story key to access it, which is simply earned by doing daily commissions a total of 8 times. Here are more details for the “Astrolabos” story chapter:

Quest Start Time
Available after 2020-10-26 04:00:00, with no time limit (Server Time)

Story Quest Page Unlock Criteria
Adventure Rank 26 or above

Astrolabos Chapter Unlock Criteria
Adventure Rank 38 or above and have completed the quest “The Darknight Hero’s Alibi” of Noctua Chapter: Act I

Note: Different servers do not have the same server times. Travelers, please take note of the difference between server times and the time in your own time zone as follows:
America: UTC-5
Europe: UTC+1
Asia: UTC+8

For PlayStation® users, please read this FAQ for more information if you are unsure about the server your account is on.

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